3 Ways to Create a Baseball-Themed Christmas using the Baseball Rose Boutonniere

Keep the game alive during the off-season

The holiday season reminds us to cherish the things in life that are the most precious to us; family, friends, and baseball. Christmas marks the middle of the baseball off-season and many baseball fans find themselves missing the green grass, warm sun, and smell of leather that permeates the great game of baseball. For baseball fans that are eager for next season to start, I have come up with 3 creative ideas to bring baseball into your home this Christmas.

Baseball-Themed Christmas Gift Bows

Ribbon, bows, wrapping paper and tape are essentials for the holiday gift-giving season. A Christmas gift is not complete without attractive packaging to hide the gift while it waits to be opened under the Christmas tree. If you are going to be giving a Christmas gift to someone that loves baseball, use baseball ribbon and a Baseball Rose Boutonniere in place of your traditional ribbon and rows. Usually the ribbon and bow are discarded with all the wrapping paper remains after everyone opens their gifts on Christmas morning. But the Baseball Rose Boutonniere and baseball ribbon will be a treasure that a baseball fan can keep for many years to come. It will be like receiving two gifts in one! Each Baseball Rose Boutonniere is handcrafted from genuine baseball leather to form an unforgettable bloom that lasts a lifetime.

Baseball-Themed Mistletoe

Everyone is familiar with the tradition of hanging mistletoe in a doorway during the holiday season. A few of us may have even found ourselves caught under the mistletoe and earned a kiss. This year, start a new baseball-themed holiday tradition with baseball mistletoe.

What is baseball mistletoe and where can it be purchased?

Baseball mistletoe is a fun holiday twist on the Baseball Rose Boutonniere. Simply take a Baseball Rose Boutonniere, attach a yard of baseball ribbon, and hang it upside down under a doorway. This cute baseball-themed idea will be adored by any baseball lovers that visit your home for the holidays. Who knows? Maybe a couple will hit a home run in their love lives after coming to bat underneath your baseball mistletoe…hopefully they don’t strike out. You can purchase "baseball mistletoe" here.

Baseball-Themed Ornaments

One of the most exciting and memorable times at Christmas is setting up the Christmas tree with your family. The kids and pets love getting into all the decorations, lights, and ornaments. Christmas tree decorating dates back to around 1605 in Germany with cookies, nuts, and breads used as decorations. German immigrants brought the tradition to America and now Americans continue to spark new life into the tradition each year. Many families use Christmas tree ornaments that have been collected over the years, like “My First Christmas”, and ornaments that commemorate a special year or interest. Christmas trees can also be decorated based on a theme that a family is passionate about.

If you’re choosing to go with a baseball-themed Christmas tree this year, the Baseball Rose Boutonniere is a great way to add a classy touch to your theme. The short flexible stem can be shaped so you can position the baseball rosebud just the way you like on the branches of the tree. The silk baby’s breath and artificial greenery create an attractive ensemble to the Baseball Rose Boutonniere that complements any evergreen. Add baseball ribbon, baseball cards, popcorn/peanuts on a string, and other baseball-themed ornaments to your tree until you have the perfect baseball-themed tree that will be the envy of all your friends and family that love baseball.

The Baseball Rose Boutonniere is not just for weddings, proms, and formal events. Baseball-themed gift bows, baseball mistletoe, and baseball-themed ornaments are just a few of the endless possibilities that Baseball Rose Boutonnieres can be used for. The best part about the Baseball Rose Boutonniere is that it lasts forever, so you can continue coming up with new ways to show your love for the game. Tell us about your baseball-themed Christmas ideas below, or share other ideas you may have for using a Baseball Rose Boutonniere.

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