How to Make Your Home Run Derby Fun for Kids, Parents, and Spectators

Baseball player swingingHome run derbies are a staple of summer for sports loving families. After all, nothing says summer like the crack of a ball hitting a bat. But how can you make your home run derby fun for kids, parents, and spectators? We’ve got some great ideas:

1)    Get a great emcee or announcer. Not all derbies have an announcer, but it’s worth it if you can find one. Find someone who is ready to tell some jokes and have a good time, and you’ll find everyone else having a great time too!

2)    Offer other carnival games for the kids and teenagers.  Since many home run derbies are fundraisers, consider offering carnival games in the parking lot for a low fee. These are a great option for families with young kids who can’t sit still through a whole derby.

3)    Affordable concessions. Regardless of whether or not your home run derby is a fundraiser, you need to keep your concessions affordable. Offer a variety of snacks and beverages at a an affordable price, and you’ll keep people at your event happy.

4)    Variety of ages and participants. Let a variety of ages participate. Consider having a t-ball and coach pitch option. Or a short mini-derby for spouses of heavy hitters. Let the mascots get involved.

5)    Raffle prizes. Everyone like to win something, so why not offer raffle prizes for the spectators? Consider announcing winners at intervals throughout your event to keep people interested.

What home run derby tips do you have?

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