Kasie and Clint’s Baseball-Themed Wedding


Kasie and Clint shared some photographs that showed how they used Baseball Roses™ in their recent baseball-themed wedding.

Since baseball is a big part of Clint’s life (he’s pitched professionally in the Atlanta Braves farm system), the couple wanted to incorporate America’s favorite pastime into their wedding ceremony.

In their search for wedding flowers, they found out about Baseball Roses™ and knew they had to incorporate some blooms with everlasting petals handmade from real baseball leather into their bridal bouquet and boutonnieres.

The couple chose Clint’s high school baseball field for their wedding venue. Although Clint is very familiar with collecting strikeouts on this field, he made sure to let Kasie hit a home run with their wedding planning.

Our favorite photo shows Clint in his windup pose pitching to Kasie as she prepares to swing her bridal bouquet bat.


Kasie’s bridal bouquet was put together by their local florist. 4 long stem Baseball Roses™ were added into a bouquet with live red and white roses. Clint’s used a Baseball Rose™ Boutonniere prepared by the Sports Roses™ team.

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