Trophy Outlets and Sales Resources

It’s a simple fact: the more time you spend with kids in sports, the more likely it is that you will be put in charge of finding awards for teams. How do you do it? Here are our best tips for finding trophy outlets and sales resources.

#1 Start local: Many, many times the best options for sports trophies are mom and pop stores in your own city. Not only do they offer great deals, but they also have a quick turnaround.

#2 Think online catalogs: Countless companies exist with countless options. If you’ve started the trophy process early enough, online options can be your most cost effective choice. Try out Decade Awardsas a starting point. We do a lot business with them and they have a huge catalog of trophies and awards for all sports.

#3 Think Quality: Depending on the age and the type of league your child is in, the quality of trophy you want will vary. For younger kids in rec league sports, cheaper, plastic trophies are a great fit. Try a search on Amazon  for affordable options that can be ordered in bulk.

#4 Other Moms: Your best resources are the other moms of team members. Odds are that at least one of them have done trophies before and will be more than happy to give you some great tips. Ask your coach or the head of your booster club who was in charge before you, and give them a call!

What trophy outlets and sales resources have worked for you?

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