End of Football Season Senior Gift Ideas

Being a football mom is an emotional roller coaster: the highs and lows of the wins and losses.  The hard hits that stop every mom’s heart.

If you’ve got a football senior, chances are you want to commemorate it.  But how?

Thoughtful gifts need not carry a major price tag or require too much time to be spectacular.  Finding a thoughtful and affordable gift for your football senior is easy.

Just get started by reading this list of four thoughtful end of season senior gift ideas…

1. An eclectic gift bag. Sometimes a collection of small gifts is better than a single large gift. Put together a tote bag with a fleece in the team’s colors, hot chocolate packets, movie tickets, and a football signed by all team members.

2. A bouquet of Football Roses. Sports Roses are handmade and made in the USA so you can be proud to give your graduating senior a unique and high quality gift that they can keep to remember all the great times they had during the football season.  (a Football Rose boutonniere may be a better suggestion for the guys)

3. Throw a party and invite all the seniors. Chances are, your player and his teammates have grown up together, playing Pop Warner football and then in varsity games.  So honor them all together.  Invite the senior players to your home and throw a barbeque. Hamburgers and hotdogs or ribs are a great choice. Order a big cake. This is a great way to help your seniors make memories.

4. Tickets to a professional or college football game. Celebrate football with more football!  Get your senior tickets to see his favorite pro or college team play…or if he’s planning to attend a college with a football team, buy tickets to one of their home games.  It can be a wonderful bonding experience to go to a game with your senior.

5. Football Roses for Mom. This may be better to use than #2 since there are already traditions to give the moms a rose on senior night. It should be the last idea used.  “Don’t forget mom!  Many school traditions will honor the moms of each football player during senior night by giving her a rose.  This year, start a new tradition by giving your moms Football Roses.  They feature petals handmade from football leather and last forever.”

What are some other gift ideas you have for graduating football seniors?  Please share them in the comments below

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