Essentials for College Dorm Living

college students moving into university dorm room

Did You Forget Something? Do Your College Students Really Have Everything They Need?

It’s back to school! Students attending an out-of-state university for the first time are preparing to move into their first home away from home. It can be a very emotional time for both students and parents during this major life changing period.

Students will need to pick out their classes, plan their weekly schedule, and orient themselves with their new environment. Fortunately, most schools offer class schedule planning meetings with a university counselor and new student orientations.

Parents want to make sure their children, now all grown up, will have everything they need to start their new life on a successful note. Parents are also impacted by adjustments in daily habits and responsibilities during this time period. Don’t leave anything to chance. Making a plan up front, before the deadlines approach, will help keep everyone’s anxiety in check.

One part of moving that parents can help take part in, is the gathering of all the dorm essentials. Students move into an empty room, so there are a lot of necessities that can be easily overlooked. A checklist can be used to avoid missing something important.

Real Simple offers a convenient check list on dorm room essentials. Items on the list are grouped in common house categories – Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Personal.

Many of these items may already be available at the student’s current home. But if extras of something are not available to take with them, parents may need to do some shopping. Fortunately in the computer age, you can save time and money by shopping online. Purchases made online can also be shipped directly to the dorm (just make sure you have the correct address to ship to).

We are making things even easier by providing some examples below with links to where you can buy.

-Alarm Clock: Don’t be late to class! Consider choosing an alarm clock that can double as a docking station for a smartphone.

-Bed and Bathroom Linens: Having 2 sets helps during long study sessions for finals when laundry piles up.

-Laundry Basket: Think about a potentially long trip to a laundry room. Having one with wheels can be very handy.

-Computer: Having your own computer is now essential at any university. Laptops can also be used to take notes in class (if the professor allows them). Search for deals online. The new Google Chromebooks offer a very affordable option (just over $200) in a Wi-fi rich university environment

-Small Flat Screen TV: Everyone needs a break from studying. There is not much room in a dorm, so stick with a smaller TV. Also check with the roommates to see if anyone else is already bringing a TV.

-Desk Lamp: Very helpful when you need to study late at night while the roommate is sleeping.

-Clothes Hangers
-Bath Robe
-Show Tote
-Dishes, Glasses, Utensils

Don’t forget personal items to decorate and personalize the dorm room to make you feel at home. For more ideas, visit the Real Simple Dorm Room Guide here.

What other essentials would you recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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