Fun Homecoming Traditions We Love

Are you in charge of this year’s homecoming and looking to create fun new homecoming traditions that your school will love?

Homecoming dances are considered a rite of passage and an indelible part of the high school experience. So making positive memories for students to look back on is a must.

Here are 4 fun and creative homecoming traditions we love. See if you can implement them in your school this year!

1. Pick a killer theme. Decide on a theme and pull out all the stops. Halloween, 80s bash, retro, Wild West–you’re only limited by your imagination and the proper etiquette that your school dictates. Encourage students to really dig into the theme and share their creativity, personality, and school spirit.

2. Have a local ballroom dance group host Homecoming. Dances are about fun and meeting new people. You could bring that back to your school by having a ballroom dance company host and teach people a little swing or lindyi hop, so the party will get rolling in a safe and creative environment. Plus, you might just cut down on awkwardness and wall flowers by getting everyone involved.

3. Make Homecoming the culmination of a week-long competition. Looking for ways to make things a little more interesting? Make the week leading up to homecoming a competition between classes, where each student council leads their class in a Triwizard Tournament-style battle for points. Events can be arm wrestling, tug of war, powderpuff football, trivia, and other fun and inventive games that you can come up with. Present the winning class with a trophy at the homecoming dance.

4. Have a pre-Homecoming night of mystery and intrigue. Enlist the help of the drama program to host a murder-mystery night. Serve dinner and have attendees pay for tickets. If you can get caterers to donate their time and food, this can be an awesome fundraiser.

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