How to Celebrate Your Senior Football Players Who Are Graduating

Every graduating senior football player deserves a special celebration to remember their years playing in high school or college. As a parent, administrator, or coach, it’s important to take time to plan thoughtful ways to celebrate the end.

So, what are some great ways to celebrate your graduating senior football players?

1. A banquet. At the end of the season, host a banquet that honors the accomplishments of the year and brings everyone together for one last hoorah.

2. Give Football Roses to graduating players. Football Roses are made in Chula Vista, California from real footballs, so they are perfect mementos to give the team.  They last forever and so that players can always remember their special time together.

3. Framed photos. Take photos of individual players and the team as a whole. Give each senior a framed version of their photo and the team photo.  This is a wonderful keepsake that the players can cherish for years to come.

 4. Don’t forget Mom!  It’s a tradition in many schools for the player to give their mom a rose.  Moms play a major role in their son get to all his practices and showing support at all his games  Instead of a regular rose that dies, give their mom a Football Rose that lasts forever and commemorate their son’s athletic career.


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