How to Plan the Perfect Prom Date

Prom is quite possibly the most hyped-up event of your high schooler’s adolescence.  Even their sports tournaments don’t compare with the pressure that comes with the modern prom scene. However, with a little planning your teen can enjoy a stand-out night with their friends and their special someone without all the extra pressure.

Prom has changed a lot in the last decade or so. Many parents can remember a prom scene that centered mostly on the dance at the high school and one special someone. The modern prom often takes place off-campus and many high school students opt to go with large groups of friends that often include their boyfriend or girlfriend. Parents might be surprised that they have to be creative and proactive just to get pictures of everyone in their dresses and tuxes.

Try these tips to make it a memorable night for your teen:

1)      Plan ahead and save. Prom success starts well before the prom. Budget for the cost of the dress and/or the tuxedo. Keep your eyes open year round for your daughter’s dress so you’ve got time to find something that really makes her feel beautiful. With your sons, remember that they need to plan on paying a rental fee and possibly a cleaning fee for their tuxedos. Don’t forget the corsages and boutonnieres (including Sports Roses for the athletes)!

2)      Take the time to ask someone out. Your teen might fight you on this one, but it will be worth the results. It is perhaps a bit old-fashioned or awkward to ask someone out on a date—especially for some boys—but when your teen makes the effort to request someone spend time with them it makes the evening much more special. Try kicking it up a notch by surprising their prospective date with a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note in their locker or on their car.

3)      Work out the after-party plans well ahead of time. If television shows are any indication, the modern prom after-party is a parent’s worst nightmare. Talk with your teen about what they are planning for after the prom and where they will be. Make sure they know your rules and expectations. Consider opening up your own home as a safe place for teens who want a low-pressure atmosphere to come. Buy the best snacks and sodas. Rent some great movies or a karaoke machine. Knowing that your teen is somewhere safe will be worth any expenditure. If you can’t open up your own home, contact local churches or youth groups to see if they are offering any safe, chaperoned alternatives.

With some effort your teen’s prom can be an exciting, fun, and memorable evening. What are your best prom planning tips?

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