Motivating Great Football Play through Player Incentives

Are you having problems motivating your players to give it 100% in every football play?

You are not alone. Coaches and program directors across the nation regularly face the challenge of motivating their athletes in order to get the best football play out of each one on a daily basis.

Well, now you don’t have to run out of ideas on how to motivate players. Using various player incentives and similar techniques, you can squeeze every ounce of effort and passion from your players that can hopefully translate to great play on the football field.

Here are some of the most effective player incentives that you can employ to boost your program’s morale and performance.

  1. Give good performing players a day-off of exemption from next day workouts.Rest is one of the best rewards you can give to players. Not only does it provide a moral boost, but it also gives their bodies a chance to heal and recover. If you see a player providing great and inspiring plays during the game, you can allow them to sit on the sidelines the next day as an incentive for their hard work.

  2. Use small tokens like sports roses to recognize a job well done.Sports roses are simple, novel, and beautiful tokens that you can hand out to the best player following each game. It may be small, but its design will surely generate enough interest to push athletes to try and be the best they can be each time they take the football field.

  3. Provide one-on-one coaching where needed.One-on-one coaching shows that you are attentive to player-specific demands. It shows that you care for your players on a personal level. A short talk here and there can do wonders for your players who are struggling with motivation. Often, you only need to clarify their roles so they know what they need to do to deliver the winning performance that you want to see out of them.

  4. Celebrate team and individual success.Going out for dinner and movies can be immensely gratifying to a team. Even a surprise round of pizza after practice can uplift tired bodies.

  5. Set goals and measure performance.Motivation is all about showing your athletes which areas they can make improvements. For this, you need goals and you need to measure their progress. Implement the right system to make this a reality so that your athletes strive to be better and deliver great performances during the games.

There are so many more ways to motivate your athletes, but these tips will already take you far. Remember, the trick is to care for your athletes on a personal level. Work with them through their struggles and limitations and the results will naturally follow.

Armed with this, which motivational tip will you implement first?

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