What You Need to Know NOW About Fall Sports

When most of us picture fall sports, we see footballs being thrown, crisp evening breezes, bonfires and falling leaves. The thing is, though, fall sports actually start in the summer. In fact, when it’s  August, you’ve probably already signed up for football, soccer, and volleyball. So what else do you need to know NOW about fall sports?

#1: Success in fall sports starts early. If your son or daughter is an elite high school athlete, or hoping to be one, they need to start training for their fall sport in spring or summer. Get them doing a variety of cardio and weight lifting exercises so their bodies will be ready in the fall.

#2: The best time to buy equipment is before fall. If your child is getting ready for a fall sport, make sure you’ve bought shoes and equipment before the first practice. Especially if you want to save money; equipment will be cheaper during the offseason.

#3: Schedule a physical now. Many, if not most, sports teams on the junior high and high school level require a sports physical to be completed by each athlete. You can get these physicals done at the pediatrician’s office or a “minute clinic,” like those at CVS or the Target pharmacy, but it’s best to get them done early.

How are you preparing NOW for fall sports?

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