With the New College Playoff, Who Are the Biggest Losers?

Thanks to the new 4-team playoff in college football that will start in 2014, fans everywhere wonder who will be the winners…and losers.


It remains to be seen who will rise to the top, but here are three sure-fire losers in the deal…


1. The Big Ten Conference.  The Big Ten is no longer so big.  Its Midwestern programs are popular because of history, not because they’ve been all that impressive in the past decade or so.  They’ve only had teams in the top 4 six times over the past 14 years since the BCS began — not a great ratio for an AQ conference.


2. Notre Dame.  Notre Dame is college football’s original independent and one of the most storied programs in the country.  They get play and publicity because of their history, but they haven’t had a top-4 finish since the BCS’s inception.  Now they’re about to become even less influential, as all eyes will focus on the playoff as the final word on football dominance.


3. The Rose Bowl.  What used to be the granddaddy of all bowl games is now not nearly as important. When the Champions Bowl comes to town, the Rose Bowl will pale in comparison.


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