Q&A With Jennie Finch

Longtime face of softball determined to get sport back into Games

Source: Daily Breeze
By Jill Painter

Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch, 31, retired from a professional softball career two years ago, but she’s involved in the sport with as much passion as when she played.

She’ll still watch the London Olympics, even though softball no longer is an Olympic sport.

She’s determined to help get it back. Finch, one of the most recognizable softball players in the world, has a full plate.

She has two young boys and now lives with her husband, former Major League Baseball player Casey Daigle, and two boys in Sulphur, La., on a farm. There, she has inventory for her JennieFinchstore.com, in which she sells everything from bags to gloves to those glittery headbands she popularized. She ran her first marathon last year. She’s running softball camps and travels the country for speaking engagements.

Softball Rose Triple Play Vase ArrangementQUESTION: What will it be like watching the Olympics with no softball?

ANSWER: It’s going to be hard. Of course, I never want to take anything away from the Olympics or the other athletes competing. The whole softball community will be USA’s No. 1 fans. It’s hard knowing our sport isn’t there.

Being a female athlete, opportunities are only getting bigger and better and to see it wiped away, now in an Olympic year, I think the reality will be setting in knowing our sport is not there.

Q: What do you think the odds are softball will be back in the Olympics someday? How are you involved in that effort?

A: It’s hard to say. It’s going to be a tough battle. We were No. 3 for 2016 and rugby and golf won. We’re No. 3 on the list. If there’s 28 sports, if I understand, there has to be a sport taken away for us to be taken back, unless softball will be our own entity. The federation hasn’t made it clear if we’ll campaign alone or with baseball. I think that will determine a lot.

We’ll see. There’s another vote in 2012. We’re trying to spread the word, not only in the U.S. but all over the world. Any time you can get in front of national committee members, it helps our sport, no doubt about it.

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