What College Recruiters Look for in a High School Baseball or Softball Player

If your high school athlete is preparing for college, it’s a good idea to know what recruiters are looking for.  Here are some things Sports Roses recommends:

  1. Academics Really Are Important.  Your student may be dreaming of that terrific baseball or softball scholarship, but he should know that athletic prowess and talent is not the only thing recruiters focus on.  Make sure your student is getting the best grades possible.  There are actually more academic scholarships available than athletic ones.
  1. Be Proactive.  Sports Roses advises you to get your student to be proactive in the recruiting process.  Don’t make the recruiter do all the work.  Send out postcards to colleges you are interested in attending and be active on traveling teams.
  1. Demonstrate Leadership.  It’s not just about athletic skill.  Recruiters are looking for someone who is responsible and has a great attitude as well as someone who is focused and confident without being self-centered.  Show recruiters you can lead.

In order for your student softball or baseball player to be prepared, it is important to know what recruiters are looking for.  Hopefully, these tips from Sports Roses will help you get started.

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