Give Sports Roses for Homecoming!

October 16, 2012 Leave a reply

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for homecoming. Sometimes getting the perfect gift for your sporty date is easy.

So, what are the options?

1. Baseball flowers. Like all Sports Roses, baseball flowers are handmade in Chula Vista, California. Baseball flowers are made using real baseballs so you get the authentic feel and smell of the game. Your baseball loving date will appreciate your thoughtfulness and originality

2. Baseball boutonniere. Get a boutonniere that will last! Get a baseball boutonniere. This exquisite baseball flower is sure to turn heads and create conversation. Enjoy the premium quality.

3. Softball Roses. If your date plays softball, why not give her a gift that shows you were thinking of her? The softball rose is a perfect choice. You can get a single rose or arrange it in a bouquet.

4. Football Roses.  Football is an all American sport and if your date is an all American player, why not give him something unique that shows his unique talent? Football Roses work wonderfully as gifts for graduating seniors or after any game.


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