What Fashions Are “In” for Prom This Year?

April 3, 2013 Leave a reply

You want to look your best for prom this year, but you’re not sure what to wear.  Well, if you’re a sports fan, a baseball boutonniere can be a unique added touch.  Here are some ‘in” fashions for prom this year:

  1. Elegant Styles.  Elegance never goes out of style.  Just look at what some of your favorite celebrities have been wearing on the red carpet.  Long prom dresses with a classic fit always remain charming and relevant, not to mention gorgeous.
  1. Daring Styles.  If a princess gown is not your style, modern styles are also very popular.  Off-the-shoulder and sleeveless gowns are very trendy right now, and shorter dresses have both pizzazz and beauty.
  1. Corsages and Boutonnieres.  Corsages and boutonnieres are always good for giving your look that extra “something.”  For the sports fan, a baseball boutonniere, a softball boutonniere, or a football boutonniere is both a unique way to express yourself and a great conversation starter.

However you decide to dress for your prom this year, whether it be a traditional style or a distinctive accessory such as a baseball boutonniere, the important thing is to express your individual uniqueness and be comfortable.


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