Best Stretches to Avoid Common Baseball and Softball Injuries

August 7, 2013 Leave a reply

You know your kids play hard. They put their hearts into their games and leave it all on the field. You also know that this often means sore muscles and can occasionally lead to injuries. One of the most effective ways to stave off injury, though, is simple: stretching. We’ve put together a list of the best stretches to help your players avoid common baseball and softball injuries.

1)      The Lying Knee Roll-over: This stretch is performed by lying on your back with your arms outstretched, then lifting one knee and touching it to the ground on the opposite side of your body. You should feel the stretch in glutes, hips, and sometimes lower back.

2)      The elbow-out rotator stretch: Perform this stretch by placing the top of one hand on your lower back (palm facing out) and then reaching around the front of your body with the other arm and gently pulling the elbow forward. You should feel the stretch in the shoulder and sometimes in the deltoid area.

3)      The rotating wrist stretch: This stretch is exactly what it sounds like. With your arms outstretched, rotate your wrist in full circles both ways. Try this stretch with hands in fists and open.

Other great stretches to try are the tricep pull-down, arm pullover, and quad stretch. Also, don’t forget to stretch your hip flexors. With all the stop and go of baseball and softball, those get tight quickly!

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