How to Plan the Perfect Homecoming Date

October 11, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you wondering how to plan the perfect homecoming date?
A blend of thoughtfulness, romance, and fun are sure to make homecoming an unforgettable night.

Originality makes a big difference in showing that you care about your significant other so your homecoming date is fun and enchanting.

Being original and thoughtful is simple. Here are some of our favorite tips and trips…

1. Give a small gift. Remember: a small, carefully selected gift is much better than a gaudy piece of bling with a huge price tag. Ask yourself: what does my date like to do? How do we spend time together? If your date is sporty, a Sports Rose might be a tasteful and unique choice that your date will be able to cherish for years to come.

2. Have a plan, but go with the flow. There are some things you absolutely need to plan in advance: what you’re going to wear, pictures, and restaurant reservations are critical. After you arrive at the dance, be flexible! Go with a group of your closest friends so the night will fun and comfortable, not awkward and annoying. Just remember it is your night, so enjoy it!

3. Make sure to ask your date how they are and give compliments. Conversation tells you what the other person is feeling and more importantly shows that you are interested in learning more about them. Compliments are always pleasant, but make sure you say what you mean. Also, make sure it is specific, so your date will know that you have really considered what you’re saying.

4. Know your date’s personality and make it a part of your evening. Some people like to dance and be the life of the party. Others prefer a more quiet, romantic evening. Make accommodations for your date’s preferences, and you’ll have a fantastic time.
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