Great 4th of July Barbecue Decorations

June 26, 2013 Leave a reply

Nothing says summer like a 4th of July Barbecue. Burgers and brats, beers and sodas, friends and family… it’s just a great day all around! You’ve probably gotten the food taken care of and you’ve got guests coming, but you may or may not have thought about decorations. Take your 4th of July barbecue to the next level with these great decorating ideas:

1)    Edible centerpieces. Get a little extra healthy food in the mix by making edible centerpieces. Go simple with an arrangement of red, white and blue fruits on kabobs arranged in quart jars. Or a pile of these red, white and blue strawberries.

2)    Flowers, sparklers, and flags. Those three simple items can go a long way to create centerpieces, wreaths and more. Gather as many red, white and blue supplies as you can, and let the creativity flow!

3)    Bunting. Nothing says American like American flag bunting. Make your own with this great tye-dye craft idea.

When it comes to great 4th of July barbecue decorations you need to remember to keep it simple and fun. The holiday is all about family and friends, so keep them comfortable and your barbecue will be a success!

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