End of Season Gifts for Your Baseball and Softball Players

March 15, 2013 Leave a reply

End of season gifts for your baseball and softball players can be tricky. After all, most of these players have been playing for years and while trophies, medals, and certificates are nice, they probably already have a pile of them in a corner somewhere. What you need is a unique gift that will be meaningful and affordable.

Try some of these ideas:

Themed t-shirts. While your players already have team shirts and spirit wear, a funny themed t-shirt is always a hit. Lots of online stores will print custom t-shirts that have special meaning or inside jokes.

Their own baseball card. Try making a themed baseball card with your players on it. Add favorite quotes or goofy stats on the back to make it fun and exciting.

A memory book. Especially for those graduating or moving on to other endeavors, a memory book has it all: pictures, quotes, and memories!

Water bottle. Really, when it comes right down to it, no dedicated athlete ever has enough water bottles. A high quality, non-leaking, stainless steel water bottle with your team’s name or the players’ names will be a hit.

Baseball hats. Keep the design simple and cool and a hat will be one gift they use often.

Gag gifts. When paired with something nice, a gag gift can be a great way to bring a little fun to your end of season celebration.

Team bracelets. Especially for softball players, a team bracelet can be a great way to keep the team unified during the offseason.

Baseball or Softball Roses. Any gift will be enhanced with a handcrafted rose made from genuine baseball or softball materials.

End of season gifts are never easy, but if you can make it useful and meaningful for the players they will be a homerun.

What were your favorite end-of-season gifts? What have you given?

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