Best Ever Football Trick Plays

September 4, 2013 Leave a reply

There is no sport that has as many awesome trick plays as football. There is just something magical about the set-up of the football field that makes it perfect for memorable moments and player surprises.

From viral flag football videos to NFL big play, here are the BEST ever football trick plays:

#1 The Unconventional Snap. Sure, they’re taught to snap the ball between their legs, but the options for how to get the ball moving are actually endless. Check out this great play from a middle school.

#2 Two-Point Conversion fake-outs. The two-point conversion is always a gutsy choice, but what about when a player fakes out the other team in the process? It’s a win! This one from a Georgia Tech and Clemson game is definitely the best ever.

#3 Combo trick plays. There aren’t a lot of these, but, wow, Boise State should go down in history for successfully pulling off this one. There really are no words to describe it; you  have to see it to believe it.

#4 Anything in the NFL. NFL football is the most institutionalized football out there, which sometimes makes it feel a little less exciting to watch. Sure, these guys are pros and they make it look easy, but they sometimes lack the heart and guts of the younger players. But not when it comes to trick plays. Check out this combo video of the best NFL trick plays and you’ll be wowed.

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