3 Ways to Help Your Senior Athlete Prepare for Graduation

March 6, 2013 Leave a reply

Graduation is such a seminal moment in your senior athlete’s life.  What can you do to help them prepare?  Here are some suggestions from Sports Roses.

  1. Help Them Find the Balance.  Sports are obviously vitally important to your student athlete, but help them understand that academics are equally important.  After all, if they aren’t pulling their weight academically, there will be no graduation because their athletic abilities can only take them so far.
  1. Make Sure They Meet with Their Advisor.  Your student athlete’s academic advisor is their most important resource for making sure they’re on track academically.  An advisor can help your child develop a graduation plan and understand and fulfill all necessary graduation requirements.
  1. Help Them Plan Their Graduation Party.  Once the requirements are filled and the courses are completed, honor your senior athlete with a party to celebrate this great achievement.  Add an extra touch by decorating with Sports Roses to highlight and personalize your child’s athletic achievements.

Graduation is one of the most important achievements of your senior athlete’s life.  These suggestions from Sports Roses can help them prepare for this most momentous of days.

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