High School Football Season Survival Tips

August 28, 2013 Leave a reply

If there’s anything you can learn from television, it’s that high school football is high drama. After all, shows like Friday Night Lights make it pretty clear that each game can mean life or death. That might just be television, but even if you don’t live in Texas, high school football season is a big deal. Try our high school football survival tips to get you and your son through it:

1)      Plan ahead for homework. Football can be demanding, but nothing will get your son benched faster than bad grades. Make sure he’s not forgetting to finish and turn in assignments, and keep tabs on test dates, to plan study time accordingly.

2)      Food is fuel. Teenage boys are ravenous no matter what, but during football season they need even more nutrition. Stock up on quality proteins for meals, complex carbs for snacks, and even some energy bars or sports gels for after-practice nutrition.

3)      Don’t forget the importance of recovery. For any athlete, recovery is just as important as training. If you want your star player to be at their peaks for game days, make sure they get adequate recovery time and plenty of sleep. Their bodies need time to repair and rejuvenate!

4)      Support them through stress. Teenage boys may not show their stress as much as their female counterparts, but you can be certain they feel the pressure. Give them support and let them know that you will help them when they need it.

Have fun! Remember to relax and enjoy this time of your son’s life. It won’t come around again!

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