End of Football Season Senior Gift Ideas

November 8, 2012 Leave a reply

Being a football mom is an emotional roller coaster: the highs and lows of the wins and losses.  The hard hits that stop every mom’s heart.

If you’ve got a football senior, chances are you want to commemorate it.  But how?

Thoughtful gifts need not carry a major price tag or require too much time to be spectacular.  Finding a thoughtful and affordable gift for your football senior is easy.

Just get started by reading this list of four thoughtful end of season senior gift ideas…

1. An eclectic gift bag. Sometimes a collection of small gifts is better than a single large gift. Put together a tote bag with a fleece in the team’s colors, hot chocolate packets, movie tickets, and a football signed by all team members.

2. A bouquet of Football Roses. Sports Roses are handmade and made in the USA so you can be proud to give your graduating senior a unique and high quality gift that they can keep to remember all the great times they had during the football season.  (a Football Rose boutonniere may be a better suggestion for the guys)

3. Throw a party and invite all the seniors. Chances are, your player and his teammates have grown up together, playing Pop Warner football and then in varsity games.  So honor them all together.  Invite the senior players to your home and throw a barbeque. Hamburgers and hotdogs or ribs are a great choice. Order a big cake. This is a great way to help your seniors make memories.

4. Tickets to a professional or college football game. Celebrate football with more football!  Get your senior tickets to see his favorite pro or college team play…or if he’s planning to attend a college with a football team, buy tickets to one of their home games.  It can be a wonderful bonding experience to go to a game with your senior.

5. Football Roses for Mom. This may be better to use than #2 since there are already traditions to give the moms a rose on senior night. It should be the last idea used.  “Don’t forget mom!  Many school traditions will honor the moms of each football player during senior night by giving her a rose.  This year, start a new tradition by giving your moms Football Roses.  They feature petals handmade from football leather and last forever.”

What are some other gift ideas you have for graduating football seniors?  Please share them in the comments below

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Fun Homecoming Traditions We Love

October 18, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you in charge of this year’s homecoming and looking to create fun new homecoming traditions that your school will love?

Homecoming dances are considered a rite of passage and an indelible part of the high school experience. So making positive memories for students to look back on is a must.

Here are 4 fun and creative homecoming traditions we love. See if you can implement them in your school this year!

1. Pick a killer theme. Decide on a theme and pull out all the stops. Halloween, 80s bash, retro, Wild West–you’re only limited by your imagination and the proper etiquette that your school dictates. Encourage students to really dig into the theme and share their creativity, personality, and school spirit.

2. Have a local ballroom dance group host Homecoming. Dances are about fun and meeting new people. You could bring that back to your school by having a ballroom dance company host and teach people a little swing or lindyi hop, so the party will get rolling in a safe and creative environment. Plus, you might just cut down on awkwardness and wall flowers by getting everyone involved.

3. Make Homecoming the culmination of a week-long competition. Looking for ways to make things a little more interesting? Make the week leading up to homecoming a competition between classes, where each student council leads their class in a Triwizard Tournament-style battle for points. Events can be arm wrestling, tug of war, powderpuff football, trivia, and other fun and inventive games that you can come up with. Present the winning class with a trophy at the homecoming dance.

4. Have a pre-Homecoming night of mystery and intrigue. Enlist the help of the drama program to host a murder-mystery night. Serve dinner and have attendees pay for tickets. If you can get caterers to donate their time and food, this can be an awesome fundraiser.

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How to Plan the Perfect Homecoming Date

October 11, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you wondering how to plan the perfect homecoming date?
A blend of thoughtfulness, romance, and fun are sure to make homecoming an unforgettable night.

Originality makes a big difference in showing that you care about your significant other so your homecoming date is fun and enchanting.

Being original and thoughtful is simple. Here are some of our favorite tips and trips…

1. Give a small gift. Remember: a small, carefully selected gift is much better than a gaudy piece of bling with a huge price tag. Ask yourself: what does my date like to do? How do we spend time together? If your date is sporty, a Sports Rose might be a tasteful and unique choice that your date will be able to cherish for years to come.

2. Have a plan, but go with the flow. There are some things you absolutely need to plan in advance: what you’re going to wear, pictures, and restaurant reservations are critical. After you arrive at the dance, be flexible! Go with a group of your closest friends so the night will fun and comfortable, not awkward and annoying. Just remember it is your night, so enjoy it!

3. Make sure to ask your date how they are and give compliments. Conversation tells you what the other person is feeling and more importantly shows that you are interested in learning more about them. Compliments are always pleasant, but make sure you say what you mean. Also, make sure it is specific, so your date will know that you have really considered what you’re saying.

4. Know your date’s personality and make it a part of your evening. Some people like to dance and be the life of the party. Others prefer a more quiet, romantic evening. Make accommodations for your date’s preferences, and you’ll have a fantastic time.
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How to Pick the Perfect Homecoming Dress

October 4, 2012 Leave a reply

how to pick the perfect homecoming dress

If you’ve got a big date to the homecoming dance coming up, you’re probably wondering how to pick the perfect dress. After all, most people only get so many opportunities to dress up and look glamorous…and this is one of yours. Embrace it!

Here are some tips and tricks to making sure you look fantastic on your big night…

1. Choose the appropriate length and cut. Most homecoming dresses fall at or just above the knee. Full length gowns look spectacular for prom, but homecoming tends to be semi-formal and has a bit more of a sassy flair. Choose something that fits well and flatters your shape. Keep in mind, you want to be dancing not worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

2. Make sure your dress meets any special rules or requirements. Some schools have a dress code policy at homecoming — be sure to ask about it in advance. Nothing would be a bigger downer on homecoming than getting kicked out for a dress code violation!

3. Know your personal style. What is your personality? Are you bold, brash, or shy? These personality types may call for an animal print, ruffles, a one-shoulder ensemble, or a dark, shimmering brocade. Have fun! Be creative. Try something different and striking that still reflects your personality.

4. Use Elegant Accessories. Small details go a long way in making your dress stand out from the rest. Try a complementary necklace and bracelet set. A Sports Rose for your date’s boutonniere shows your sporty side. When looking for shoes, go for a mix of comfort and style so that you can look great AND dance at the same time.

Add a sports themed to your homecoming boutonniere or corsages with Sports Roses

Whatever you do, have a spectacular time at the dance. What tips or questions do you have about finding the perfect homecoming dress? Please share them in our comments below.

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How Sports Roses Make Every Homecoming Spectacular

September 27, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you in charge of planning the big homecoming dance for you or your child’s school, and you’re looking for some finishing touches?

Dances are a central part of the high school experience and everyone wants something unique that shows school spirit.

Small choices make a big difference in enriching students’ appearance and homecoming experience. If you’re planning homecoming activities, Sports Roses might be just the detail you need to make homecoming a success.

Here are four ways you can use Sports Roses to spice up this year’s homecoming…

1. Make homecoming fun with a little reality TV flare. Popular TV shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette involve the main contestants giving roses to the guys or girls they want to keep dating. Why don’t you do something similar at your homecoming dance? Give Sports Roses to homecoming royalty, or to recognize the accomplishments of distinguished alumni who come back for homecoming.

2. Offer Sports Roses as door prizes. Not everyone gets to be homecoming king or queen and not everyone will get recognized for all their talents. But that does not mean they can’t receive a great gift. Give Sports Roses as door prizes for couples who attend homecoming.

3. Host a pre-homecoming poetry slam. Who said homecoming had to be only for jocks? Not us. After the big game, host a poetry slam where students and teachers can share their talents with the entire community. Give Sports Roses to the participants. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved.

4. Use Sports Roses as a fundraiser for homecoming or for charity. Hosting homecoming requires money. Consider selling Sports Roses as a fundraiser and use part of the money for the dance or for a worthy charity. You can learn more about our unique fundraising packages here. (link to Fundraising/Affiliates page)

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