Best Looks For Homecoming 2012

October 2, 2012 Leave a reply

Want to look extra special this Homecoming? Here are some styles that are sure to please…

1. 1920’s look. Try a 1920’s look for fun. Girls can wear flapper dresses and feathers in their hair, and boys can wear two-toned shoes and fedoras. Be sure to take some time to learn some swing dancing moves you can bust out there on the dance floor!

2. Try a Sweetheart Look. Sweetheart dresses are lovely strapless dresses that have really come into style the past couple of years. Girls can choose a sweetheart-style dress and boys can wear a matching tie.

3. Do something crazy. Of course, you don’t have to go formal. Be a little crazy! As part of your date, choose your outfit from the local thrift store that day, or dress up as ninjas or sci-fi characters. The important thing is to have tons of fun.

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