How to Make a Patriotic Centerpiece with Baseball Roses

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how to make a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece with baseball roses

Show off your American pride and love for America’s favorite pastime with a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece

4th of July is the time of year we think of summer barbeques with family and friends as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. With less than a week away until Independence Day, many Americans are visiting stores to gather all their food and patriotic party supplies.

One key component for a party table display is a centerpiece arrangement themed for the occasion. Red, white, and blue are essential elements for a US holiday arrangement, but let’s not forget to include another mainstay of the American Summer…baseball.

terrance mann field of dreams movieThe one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray.
Terrance Man, Field of Dreams Movie Quote

For our baseball-themed patriotic display, we included everlasting Baseball Roses. Let’s show you how we put together our patriotic centerpiece with Baseball Roses.

We visited our local Michael’s craft store to pick up the supplies needed for this project. Look around for discount coupons and sales. There are usually a lot of sales a few days before 4th of July to award last-minute shoppers.
baseball rose patriotic centerpiece supplies

  • Small Patriotic Tin – $2
  • 3 Baseball Roses – $18 ea. ($14.95 each when you buy 2 or more)
  • Red, White, Blue Silk Flower Bunch – $4 ea.
  • 4″x6″ Cotton US Flags – $1.50 ea
  • Miniature Patriotic Pinwheel Picks – $2
  • Green floral foam block – $2
  • Dried Spanish Moss – $3 (small bag)


    • Step 1: Trim off excess material from the green foam block so that it will fit inside the patriotic tin. Don’t trim too much – you want a snug fit. The foam will compress when you push it into the tin.
    • Step 2: Insert red, white, and blue, silk flowers bunches into the foam. To distribute evenly, you can pull apart the individual stems before inserting. This also helps thin out the bunches to avoid overcrowding your arrangement.

baseball rose patriotic centerpiece step by step instructions

  • Step 3: Cut Baseball Rose stems so they will sit just above the silk flowers when inserted in the foam. Insert the Baseball Roses into the arrangement. When looking at the arrangement from above, there should be a triangle shape create between each Baseball Rose.
  • Step 4: Insert US flags on each side of arrangement.
  • Step 5: Insert patriotic pinwheels on each side of arrangement (between the US flags)
  • Step 6: Add spanish moss around the top edge of the patriotic tin to hide the green foam underneath

how to make a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece with baseball roses

Your patriotic Baseball Rose centerpiece will bloom year round and can also be used for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Labor Day. Add in other accessories to theme your arrangement for your favorite team or sport. You can also create a similar arrangement with Softball Roses, Football Roses, or Basketball Roses available from Sports Roses.

What other ideas are you planning to do for your 4th of July party? Share them in the comments below

Making Memorial Day Special in Your Family

May 15, 2013 Leave a reply

Memorial Day doesn’t just have to be another humdrum holiday for your family.  Baseball Roses can be used to make your Memorial Day special.  Here’s how:

  1. Remember the Reason for the Day.  Honor those who have given their lives and service to protect this country.  Visit a gravesite and leave flowers for our deceased veterans.  If you know a fallen veteran who was a sports fan, Baseball Roses, Football Roses, and Softball Roses are a unique and special option you can use to celebrate that person’s life.

You can also donate money, goods, or services to the families of those who have been wounded or lost their lives in service to this great country.

  1. Have a Baseball-Themed Picnic.  Since baseball season and Memorial Day occur simultaneously, why not have a baseball-themed family picnic or reunion?  Baseball Roses can be used as centerpieces or be combined with other decorations to make a Memorial Day picnic even more memorable and special.
  1. Be Patriotic.  What’s more American than baseball?  Try one of our baseball boutonnieres.  For an added patriotic touch, add military- or patriotically-themed paraphernalia to the boutonniere.

These are just a few ways Baseball Roses can make your Memorial Day even more special and unforgettable.


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