College Sports: 5 Zany Mascots

September 18, 2012 Leave a reply

Every college football game needs a sideline character to rally the crowd and team in tough moments. But some are a little bit crazier than others.

What are our top 5 zaniest college mascots?

1. Brutus Buckeye. This colorful character for Ohio State University is actually…a nut. No, as in a real nut. He’s a Buckeye but, which happens to be Ohio’s official state tree. Despite the oddity, it seems to work. Crowds go nuts when they see him. (We’re sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

2. The Billiken. St. Louis University’s mascot, “the Billiken,” is actually a made-up creature that has no known counterpart in the real world. It looks a little like Yoda dressed up as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Saint Louis University students and faculty seem to agree, though, that the Billiken is a good-luck figure. The force is definitely with this one.

3. The Tree. Stanford University has the Cardinal as its official mascot, but the Stanford tree, a big smiling tree with red lips has become the unofficial mascot. It is an inspiring and zany sight to behold.

4. Otto the Orange. Otto the Orange embraces the bright colors of Syracuse University with a big smile. This oversized citrus fruit confuses opponents and inspires players, faculty, and students to get plenty of Vitamin C.

5. Zippy the Kangaroo. This unique mascot hops into the hearts and minds of the students at the University of Akron. Zippy wears a cap, scarf, mittens and an embroidered vest. What do kangaroos have to do with Akron, Ohio? Nobody knows. But he’s cute anyway.

What other zany mascots did we miss? Tell us in the comments below

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