5 Ways to Show School Spirit At Football Games

September 20, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you looking for ways to show school spirit at football games?
A quick look at most football games shows the majority of fans doing what the majority often do—nothing. Many people behind the first few rows wear regular clothes and only raise their hands in the air for an undeniably good play.

Your football game attitude, dress, and corresponding school spirit have an effect on how the football players and coaches perform. By going all out with school spirit, you’ll not only have more fun…but you’ll increase your team’s chances at winning.
Here are some fun tips for being the most spirited fan at the games this year…

1. Wear something bright and funky that matches your school colors. A stop at your local thrift store is in order. Grab anything that bedazzles or emanates cool. Retro is a funky fresh look that you might want to try out. Grab some shades, an oversized foam hand, suit jackets, and/or exotic ties. Be creative and have fun with your new look!

2. Bring out the body paint. Add some artistry to your colors! Paint yourself up with a group and add your school’s logo or lettering so you can get the crowd ready for some serious chanting. Working with a group creates a sense of solidarity that enriches and enlivens the crowd, the players, and your school.

3.Lead loud and cheery chants. Noise has always been an essential part of the football experience, so be loud and proud of what your school and players can do out there on the field. Start chants that are simple and repetitive but catchy. Have different chants for a touchdown or an interception. Have playful taunts for the other team at kickoffs, field goals, and after the snap. You don’t have to wait for the cheerleaders — take charge!

4. Move Your Body. Stand up! Clap your hands! Get everyone stomping in the bleachers. Do the wave. Get some spirit fingers going for the key plays. Dance to the music. Have fun and show it in the way you move.

5. Bring out the Sports RosesFootball Roses. Present parents or players with sports roses before important games like Homecoming or Senior Day. Sports rosesFootball Roses are made from actual football materials so your team will appreciate the thoughtful and unique gift. It’s a great way to be creative and show your school pride!

Whatever you do, get wild this football season and bring out the school spirit! What are your favorite ways to show school spirit?
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