Make your Athlete’s Senior Portraits Stand Out with Sports Roses

July 12, 2013 Leave a reply

high school senior football player portrait
For most high school athletes, senior portraits are a right of passage. They are one of the ultimate keepsakes for mom and dad. But unfortunately, sometimes those photos come off looking canned and uninspired.

In our past blog article, Senior Portrait Ideas for Softball Players, we learned that the best way to preserve your memories is to make sure your senior portraits represent a your student athlete’s unique personality and current interests.

Sports Roses provide a fun new way to personalize an athlete, cheerleader or sport fan’s senior photos while still preserving the traditional nature of the photos. Sports Roses add a dash of creativity and class that isn’t possible with just a letter jacket or pompoms.

Here are 3 senior photo success tips for athletes, cheerleaders, and sports fans using Sports Roses as the cornerstone for creative inspiration:

  1. Have athletes wear boutonnieres or corsages thata baseball player wears a baseball rose boutonniere with his suit and baseball hat match the sports they play in their formal photo. During a senior portrait session, at least one photo will have a formal look with a nice suit or dress. You can incorporate their love for the game by having them add a Sports Rose boutonniere or corsage to their lapel or dress. We have many types of Sports Roses available including Football Roses, Basketball Roses, Baseball Roses, Softball Roses and Volleyball Roses. This is a great way to honor an athlete’s time and effort towards their school sports program. Their senior photo will not only be personalized and creative, but it will be a testament about their career as a student athlete.
  2. Allow cheerleaders to hold Sports Roses bouquets in their senior photos. Cheerleaders play an important role in the school sports program by boosting school spirit in the student body and by cheering on their teams. Sports Roses offer a unique way to blend sports and flowers that symbolize the school pride cheerleaders represented throughout their cheering career. Give cheerleaders Sports Rose bouquets to hold as a prop during their senior photo session to recognize their hard work and achievements. The best part is, these bouquets will last as long as the pictures.

  3. football fans ready to cheer on their favorite teamHave your most ardent sports fans pose with a Sports Rose in their senior photo. Sports are something most fans are fiercely proud of. You don’t have to be an athlete to be a sports fanatic. Some fans just enjoy the excitement of watching sports as a spectator. These fans proudly display their team spirit at games to give their team an emotional boost from the stands. They show this pride in just about every aspect of their life from the clothes they wear to the way they decorate their homes. Sports Roses are the perfect way to express this passion for sports. Fans looking for a unique and classy finishing touch to their senior photos should consider holding a single Sports Rose stem or wearing a Sports Roses boutonniere to show off their pride. It will not only make their senior photos unique and memorable but will leave a lasting memory of their connection to the school’s sports programs.

There are so many important things to worry about during a student’s senior year; don’t let the small details overwhelm you.  Make your son or daughter’s senior portraits both memorable and classy with Sports Roses.

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How have you made your student athlete’s senior portraits shine? What were the most valuable tips you’ve gathered?

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