Dos and Don’ts for Senior Portrait Success

July 17, 2013 Leave a reply

Very few moments are more exciting than your son or daughter’s senior year of high school, and one of the best ways to remember that year is with senior portraits. Try these tips to make your son or daughter’s portraits turn out beautifully!

1)      DO find a great venue. Don’t take your picture indoors if you don’t have to. Find a picturesque spot outdoors for the best lighting.

2)      DO find the right photographer. Every photographer will have his or her own personality. Look for one whose prints are professional, creative, and within your price range.

3)      DO dress your best. Your son or daughter doesn’t need to be in their Sunday best, but they do need to have clean clothes that fit well. Let your teen pick their clothes and respect their choices, but point out to them that some prints and designs don’t translate well on film.

4)      DO show your personality. Bring your son or daughter’s football or volleyball, and their letter jacket. Have them pose with their cello or flute. Let the pictures showcase who they are.

5)      DON’T be afraid of the camera. Have fun. Let loose and smile!

6)      DON’T try to look older than you are. Lots of teens think that maturity means posing like the adults they see in magazines. It doesn’t. Be yourself.

7)      DON’T slouch. Your mom was always telling you to stand up straight, and you need to remind your teen to do that too.

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