What to Get a Guy on Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2013 Leave a reply

We understand the problem for the ladies – he doesn’t seem to need very much, and he buys what he wants before mentioning those wants to you.  He doesn’t care much about chocolate.  What gift will light up those baby blues (or warm browns or sparkling greys)?

Here are some suggestions to fire your imagination.   Your guy’s needs may seem to be basic, but his focus on just a few important possessions can open up some interesting opportunities.

  • Guys like gadgets.  Pick out something he already has and uses, and investigate a newer version, or else an upgrade or add-on to the one he has.  If you aren’t that gadget-y yourself, secretly snap a cellphone photo of two or three of his favorite gizmos to take to the electronics store for advice.  More than one, to keep your options open with more than one possibility.  Be sure to capture the brands and model names in the photos.
  • What was his favorite music in college?  Does he have a band or music genre he’s nuts about now?  Sign up on iTunes or another online music source and load a USB music storage device with old favorites.  Shortly after Valentine’s he’ll be jogging, working or pursuing his hobby with your music in his ears.
  • Does he like grilling?  How about sandwiches?  A small indoor electric grill will put the grill-marks on one or two grilled sandwiches or burgers at a moment’s notice, in any weather.
  • If he’s sporty and goes out to play for long hours, or even if he takes his lunch to work, he will love a man-lunch-sized food & beverage carrier from an outdoor camping store.  The manly natural tones and stout handle makes it something he’ll use on a regular basis.  The pockets and compartments appeal to a guy’s sense of organization and important stuff.  Don’t be surprised if in 10 years he’s still toting his provisions in the carrier you selected.

What else can you can add to make it truly Valentine’s?   A leathery but elegant Sports Rose, with a team mini-pennant attached, will let him know that you love him and his favorite team … or, that you love him in spite of it!  A single Sports Rose stem standing up in a vase on his dresser, or Sports Rose boutonniere on his package instead of a bow, will let him know he is very special to someone – you.

Football or Baseball Roses are hand-crafted from ball covers in the U.S.  Is he a coach?  Softball and volleyball are also available.  The Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, mini-pennants for most major college and major league teams add a fun spark for dedicated fans.

For Valentine’s Day, Sportsroses.com offers free economy shipping on orders of $50 or more.  And they will include a Sports Roses bear for orders of a dozen Sports Roses.  Just for Valentine’s, you can add a Sports Roses bear to a single stem or a bouquet for just $9.96 – for yourself, if not for him!

What gift did you give a man in your life that had the best reaction?

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How to Show your Love for the Game this Valentine’s Day

January 21, 2013 Leave a reply

sports roses for valentines day gifts
We love our sweethearts, and we love our sports!  This Valentine’s Day the ultra-fans and the dedicated athletes can win on both sides, as givers and as recipients.  What are some of the options for showing our love for the game, for both large and small budgets, this Valentine’s Day?

  •  Spring a plan to visit spring training on your sweetheart.
  • Spring a trip to Arizona or Florida in March for baseball in the sun, Spring Training Style!

  •  On a mild day, share a hike at a local park.  If your budget allows, add a pair of logo sports fleeces or sweatshirts for both of you.  If that’s outside your range this Valentine’s Day, make it just a single sports rose stem or two, with a mini-pennant of his or her favorite team attached.
  • Make arrangements to jog the local ball field while it is not in use, with your special someone.
  • Share something special with the team – a sports rose for each player and coach.  Volleyball, baseball, softball and football roses are available.
  • Help the team organize gifts of a Sports Rose for each team mom.  This can even be done as a fundraiser, working with Sportsroses.com.

Sports Roses Valentines Day Arrangements
Do you spend so much time at the gym or on the field, so much effort training, maintaining gear and keeping up playing areas, that you feel as if you are married to the sport?  Or, do you support the athletes, transporting them and keeping them supplied with gear and rousing cheers, to the point you feel as if you don’t know another life?  This isn’t a pastime, it’s a way of life!  Why not acknowledge your dedication when you celebrate your connections on Valentine’s Day?

We’ve been adding small reminders at the end of weekly posts, and this is another reminder that Sports Roses offers a great fundraising opportunity for school and league teams with a unique product.  Your team can show a 360-degree love for the sport by giving Sports Roses, and by helping others place their orders so they can do the same.  Sports Roses offers both wholesale and sales referral fundraising for teams, to help keep the fires of competition burning.

How can you make sure that your fundraising plans come together smoothly?  First, it takes time to hand-craft each of the Sports Roses individually, here in the U.S.  Ball covers from baseballs, softballs, volleyballs and footballs are used in a painstaking process to create rose buds on an artificial greenery stem.  These roses never need watering, and never wilt!  Like your love of the people closest to you, and your love of your sport, these roses last, creating an enduring memory.

So make your plans and order without delay.  Take advantage of the discounts for volume purchase and shipping, or just select a bouquet or single rose in time for regular shipping.

What makes you feel “married” to your favorite sport?

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Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon – Book Your Fundraiser Now!

January 5, 2013 Leave a reply

sports roses for valentines day gifts
Valentine’s Day is the time to tell your sweetie how special he or she is in your life.  It’s also a chance to help your sports team do some fundraising in a unique way.  We’ve been leaving little notes at the end of recent posts to remind you to plan and order ahead – and now is the time  – have you made sure everything is on track for Sports Roses fundraising for Valentine’s Day?

Having made your arrangements with Sportsroses.com, now is the time to put out the word, create some publicity and … take orders!  The ladies especially like sports roses, but the ball-cover leather roses are tough enough to give as gifts to guys as well.  What is available?  Football Roses; Volleyball Roses; Baseball Roses; Softball Roses.  One or more is sure to delight a special fan or athlete!

The teams are a great place to start – not just one team, but all the teams in your school or community league.  Team members, be they girls or guys, can add a single Sports Rose stem to dress up their Valentine’s gift to sweethearts and moms, at a cost under $20.  For their staunchest supporters, a bouquet or a full dozen is an engaging way to show their love and appreciation.  Or, take a few sports rose single stems and add them to a traditional flower bouquet.

What else can you do to encourage more orders?  Your publicity can remind everyone that the female athletes in their world will find Sports Roses a charming acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication.  Whether she is a champion or a committed performer, a sports rose is a unique gesture just for her … and it lasts much longer than real flowers!  Volleyball Roses and Softball Roses are available, just for her.

And don’t forget the sports ribbons printed with ball images, as well as the mini-pennants for professional and college teams.  A small pennant makes a perky decoration for a dessert, or tucked into a hatband.

How do you make sure all runs smoothly with your fundraising?  Because of the time to produce each rose by hand, it is best to order ahead.  Be sure your sports roses are on hand in plenty of time, with the convenience of regular shipping.  Sports Roses are available with volume discounts for orders of 25 or more roses, as well as fundraising through wholesale and referral orders.

Plan ahead to take advantage of the benefits of volume orders for team gifts, as well as personal surprises, for your favorite fans and athletes.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Tell us in the comments below.

fundraising with Sports Roses this Valentine's Day

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Merry Christmas!

December 19, 2012 Leave a reply

The Sports Roses Team Visits Santa’s Workshop

Christmas Greetings to one and all!  We hope you find under your Christmas tree…

  • new bats; new balls; new nets; new gear;
  • new enthusiasm for winter training;
  • DVD’s of the most inspiring professional games – especially last summer’s Olympics;
  • anticipation for the next great season;
  • dreams of championships!

Whether you are with your family or away, this is a time of connections, a time of treasured memories.  A time of thankfulness for the meaning of the season and all our many blessings.

May your poinsettias warm hearts; may your Christmas dinner fill everyone with love; may your Sports Roses continue to bloom season after season!

To you and yours, a very Merry Christmas!

sports roses 2012 holiday card with billy baseball sally softball and freddy football

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Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans – Making it Special

December 17, 2012 Leave a reply

You’re reviewing the holiday gift list.  You have sport players and fans in your household – football, volleyball, softball and baseball.  A season of games comes with a long list of dedicated helpers and volunteers who make trips and gatherings special.  And the moms who drive, bring food, hand out beverages and organize people and stuff.

How lovely it would be to show your appreciation for everything the moms did this season – without breaking the holiday budget.  And the school team would like to do something special for every team-mom for the holiday banquet.  What’s a unique, budget-friendly solution?

An unexpected choice is an exquisite Sport Rose.  Sport Roses are hand-made out of the genuine leather of game balls.  A rose that looks like a football or volleyball, magically transformed into a rosebud, creates a memorable moment.  Baseball and Softball Roses are also available.  The covers of the balls are removed and crafted into roses through a time-consuming process.  At a price of about $15 plus shipping for a single sport rose with stem, greenery and ribbon, and a discount for volume orders, what an affordable special gift.

The girls and women athletes in your world deserve something that recognizes their femininity while celebrating their dedication.  These athletes have trained and played, lived the highs and lows with the passion and commitment.  What will let them know you stand with them?

Women coaches, trainers and other female support staff are also on your list.  The ladies have nurtured each player, counseled and pushed, challenged their ability and strengthened their resolve.  They assisted with gear and planned the activity calendar.  Without their dedication it couldn’t happen.  How can you applaud their efforts in a special way?

As a single stem, a bouquet or a traditional dozen, the sport rose will be treasured for a long time to come.  Unlike real roses, Sport Roses don’t need water and don’t wilt!

Produced entirely in the U.S., this unique product was the inspiration of a college student, who has made a career out of his independent business.  Crafted in California by about a dozen employees, Sport Roses are created as a special attention-getter for anyone who loves football, baseball, softball or volleyball.

It’s not too late to rush order sport roses for Christmas!  Contact Sportroses.com without delay and get something unique and special for your favorite female fans and athletes for the holiday.

Who are some of the dedicated supporters in your community you would like to recognize this Christmas?

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Christmas Gifts for Special Baseball Fans

December 13, 2012 Leave a reply

A special gift is in order for the dedicated baseball fans in your household, as well as players, coaches, game volunteers, any baseball fan you’d like to give a small recognition at the holidays.

And how about helping the team get something nice, but inexpensive, for every team mom?  The moms who drove to practice and games, provided snacks and sport drinks, planned and executed away game trips, wrote checks, bought gear … well, a list of what the moms *didn’t* do would be short to non-existent!

How to inspire gasps of delight while keeping it affordable?  How about something completely different – a rose crafted out of a baseball ball cover?

White leather with red stitching sets this rose apart!  Crafted by hand from the covers of baseballs (yes, really!) a Baseball Rose is a unique and attention-grabbing gift.  It’s sweet and affordable at a price of only about $15 each for a single stem with greenery and a ribbon, plus shipping.  And it lasts far longer than a real rose, never needs water and doesn’t wilt!

No doubt there are some larger baseball gifts destined for under the tree – picture a new …

  •   glove, with a Baseball Rose across the palm, waiting to be discovered by your special;
  •   bat, with a Baseball Rose tied to the handle with grosgrain baseball ribbon, one designed to swing for the fences;
  •  DVD’s of the Olympic baseball games, tied together with baseball ribbon;
  •   lap robe bundled with a seat cushion, tied together with baseball ribbon, will be appreciated for cool early spring games;
  •  logo team jacket for spring training, with a Baseball Rose boutonniere;
  •   a Baseball Rose bouquet for the most supportive mom in your house!

And in your baseball-crazy house you can even use the baseball roses, ribbon and mini-pennants to add delight and charm to your holiday décor.  You don’t have to host the team party to enjoy holiday baseball reminders, but if you are, these ideas are even more fun!

  •   A few Baseball Roses will sparkle whimsically among the deep red leaves of your poinsettias.
  •   Baseball grosgrain ribbon will dress up your Christmas packages of gear and logo attire.  A mini-pennant or two sticking up from the bow will brighten eyes with excitement!
  •   Wrap baseball grosgrain ribbon around the stems of holiday bouquets, with a big bow.
  •   And do it the other way around … a bouquet of baseball roses as the centerpiece of the team party, adding a holiday ribbon wrap, perhaps even a small poinsettia or three.

The holidays may be the off-season for baseball, but there is no off-season for the love of the game!  Enjoy your passion while celebrating the holidays!

What are some of the best gifts for a baseball fan you’ve received?

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