3 Storage Tips for Your Baseball and Softball Equipment

March 13, 2013 Leave a reply

With all the wear and tear your baseball and softball equipment endures on the field, it’s important to keep it at its best off the field.  Sports Roses has some suggestions on how to properly care for and store your equipment:

  1. Baseball and Softball Gloves – Although leather gloves are made to last, they can deteriorate if not cared for properly.  Sports Roses recommends you clean your glove after every use and store it in a cool, dry place.  You can also protect the interior of the glove by wearing your batting glove underneath it.
  1. Bats – Every good player knows that your bat almost has its own personality.  Keep it happy by storing it properly.  Avoid extreme temperatures and always keep the barrel of your bat smooth.  Store your bat vertically with the barrel facing down. 
  1. Softballs and Baseballs – Sports Roses knows how easy it is for your softballs and baseballs to roll away and get lost.  Store them in a bucket or a specialized ball caddy.  

The life of your baseball and softball equipment is vital to the success of your game.  We hope these tips help you to keep your equipment lasting for years.

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