What are This Year’s Sports Roses Holiday Special

December 4, 2012 Leave a reply

This year, Sports Roses is proud to announce several spectacular holiday specials.


Here they are…


1. Sports rose special. Free Economy Shipping on Orders $25 and Over…


2. Sports rose special. $10 off when you purchase $75 or more in the Sports Roses online store…


3. Sports rose special.  $25 off when you purchase of $150 or more in the Sports Roses online store…


4. Sports rose special.  


5. Sports rose special. 


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Sports Fan Holiday Gift Ideas

November 29, 2012 Leave a reply

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for your resident sports fan?

Here are some of our favorites…

1. An HDTV. If there is one thing a sports fan loves almost as much seeing a game in person, it is seeing the game on a giant, crystal clear screen.  And this year, you might even be able to buy an HDTV without too big a hit to your pocketbook.   You can find quality LCD screens for as little as $300.

2. Sporting Equipment.  What’s your fan’s favorite sport?  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade in their equipment!  From shoes to tennis rackets to basketballs and more, giving the sports fan in your life some new, high-quality equipment is sure to go over well on Christmas morning.

3. Sports books and movies.  Sports fans love reading and watching about…well…sports!  Great sports books include The Boys of Summer, Friday Night Lights, and A River Runs Through it.  Or try the film classics Rudy, Field of Dreams, Moneyball, Rocky, Hoosiers, and Jerry Macguire.

4. Sports Roses. Sports roses are unique products available in 3 different sports styles.  Choose from Football Roses, Baseball Roses, or Softball Roses. They are handcrafted in the USA with careful attention to detail so outstanding quality is assured.  Your sports fan will have a long lasting memento to cherish.

5. Team merchandise. What’s your fan’s favorite player or team?  Try jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats…or for something more creative, go for pajama pants, socks, or even underwear.

What other great gift ideas do you have for the sports fans in your life?

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With the New College Playoff, Who Are the Biggest Losers?

October 30, 2012 Leave a reply

Thanks to the new 4-team playoff in college football that will start in 2014, fans everywhere wonder who will be the winners…and losers.


It remains to be seen who will rise to the top, but here are three sure-fire losers in the deal…


1. The Big Ten Conference.  The Big Ten is no longer so big.  Its Midwestern programs are popular because of history, not because they’ve been all that impressive in the past decade or so.  They’ve only had teams in the top 4 six times over the past 14 years since the BCS began — not a great ratio for an AQ conference.


2. Notre Dame.  Notre Dame is college football’s original independent and one of the most storied programs in the country.  They get play and publicity because of their history, but they haven’t had a top-4 finish since the BCS’s inception.  Now they’re about to become even less influential, as all eyes will focus on the playoff as the final word on football dominance.


3. The Rose Bowl.  What used to be the granddaddy of all bowl games is now not nearly as important. When the Champions Bowl comes to town, the Rose Bowl will pale in comparison.


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Give Sports Roses for Homecoming!

October 16, 2012 Leave a reply

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for homecoming. Sometimes getting the perfect gift for your sporty date is easy.

So, what are the options?

1. Baseball flowers. Like all Sports Roses, baseball flowers are handmade in Chula Vista, California. Baseball flowers are made using real baseballs so you get the authentic feel and smell of the game. Your baseball loving date will appreciate your thoughtfulness and originality

2. Baseball boutonniere. Get a boutonniere that will last! Get a baseball boutonniere. This exquisite baseball flower is sure to turn heads and create conversation. Enjoy the premium quality.

3. Softball Roses. If your date plays softball, why not give her a gift that shows you were thinking of her? The softball rose is a perfect choice. You can get a single rose or arrange it in a bouquet.

4. Football Roses.  Football is an all American sport and if your date is an all American player, why not give him something unique that shows his unique talent? Football Roses work wonderfully as gifts for graduating seniors or after any game.


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3 Inexpensive, Amazingly Fun Homecoming Date Activities

October 9, 2012 Leave a reply

Every homecoming date should be amazingly fun — but did you know it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg?

Here are some inexpensive, amazingly fun homecoming date ideas…

1. Go Bowling. Bowling is fun to do as a group or as a couple and it’s inexpensive. You can also eat at the bowling alley before the dance.  Be sure you have a date who will appreciate the irony of bowling in semi-formal attire.

2. Go roller blading. Who says homecoming is all about a dance? No, it’s about a good time. So you can go to the local skating rink or find the beautiful paved trail in your city and enjoy the sights and great company.

3. Go row boating. A float down your local river is romantic and cheap. Impress your date with your suave sensibilities.

We’re having a Homecoming Sale! 

Get Free Economy Shipping on Orders $25 and Over

Plus get $5 off with the purchase of a premium boutonniere and corsage stem, use coupon code HOMECOMING5 at checkout