Beyond Trophies: Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Tournament Awards

June 12, 2013 Leave a reply

Everybody loves a trophy, but sometimes waiting for those trophies to get handed out at a tournament can get dull. Why not think beyond trophies? Try these great ideas to spice up your tournament awards.

  • Action Shots: Consider hiring a photographer to take some great action shots during your tournament. With one-hour online digital printing services, you can get those shots turned into prints in no time at all and award your athletes with reminder of their best moments.
  • Alternative Awards: Sure, the highlight of the night is the big trophy for the winning team, but think how much your fans and families will enjoy seeing someone get an award for Loudest Cheer-er or Best Fly Ball. Add a little fun with wacky awards.
  • Gift Cards or baskets: These can be a little more costly but can go a long way to keeping the adults engaged. A gift card or basket for coaches and organizers is always appreciated!
  • Tickets to Pro Games: See if you can get the local pro league to give you some free tickets for your top athletes. Who doesn’t love free tickets to a game?
  • Sports Roses: Here at Sports Roses we offer a fun and exciting variety of award options for any event.

Whatever you choose to do beyond trophies, think creatively.  Spice up your tournament awards for more excitement!

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