Famous Sports Dads

June 5, 2013 Leave a reply

We all know that great athletes usually have a great dad who led him or her and helped him or her grow and learn, but did you stop to think that some of your favorite athletes are also really great dads? Check out these heartwarming stories of our favorite famous sports dads:

1)    Peyton Manning: The all-star quarterback for the Broncos is often known not only for his great throws, but also the friendly rivalry between his pro brother, Eli Manning. But did you know Peyton Manning is also the father of two-year-old twins? Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson Manning were born in 2011, and you can tell Peyton is a good dad because he respects his wife’s wishes to keep the little ones out of the media limelight.

2)    Patrick Ewing: When it comes to the basketball star, you might think you’re seeing double. But the fact is that you are actually seeing Patrick Ewing Junior. Junior is also a pro baller, and even though his career isn’t as charmed as his father’s (he’s struggled with an MCL injury and getting back into the NBA has been tricky), his tenacity in the face of adversity reminds us of his great dad.

3)    Wayne Gretzky: Perhaps hockey’s most famous player ever, Wayne Gretzky is also a notable father. His son, Trevor Gretzky, opted not to follow in his famous dad’s footsteps—and Wayne was completely supportive. Now that’s a great famous sports dad!

What famous sports dads do you admire?

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