Sports Roses Affiliate Guide Pt 2 – Referral Bonuses, Coupon Incentives, and More

How to earn referral bonuses, offer coupon incentives, and shorten/track your affiliate link

Earning fundraising referral bonuses as a Sports Roses affiliateNow that you know the basics of the Sports Roses Affiliate program (click here if you missed the introduction video), I will show you some tips to help make your referring easier and more successful.

Tip #1: How to earn up to 20% on referral sales 

As a Sports Roses affiliate, your standard commission rate is 10% on sales you refer to our online store through your affiliate link. But you can increase your earnings up to 15%-20% and here’s how.

  • Earn 15% when you refer $1,000 in net sales through your affiliate link during a single calendar month (ie. August 1st-August 31st) – All affiliates eligible
  • Earn 20% when you refer $2,500 in net sales through your affiliate link during a single calendar month – Only schools, sports leagues, and non-profit organizations are eligible for this rate

Note: The bonus commission rate (15% or 20%) can only be earned on retail consumer orders. Any wholesale orders referred will be paid at the standard 10% commission rate on net sales.

Tip #2: Incentivize your referrals with a FREE Sports Rose offer 

Would you like to offer your community a special discount when they click on your affiliate link?

Offer your referrals a Free Sports Rose of their choice ($14.95 value) with their first online purchase of $35 using a special coupon affiliate link created just for you.

Consult your email with the subject, Sports Roses Affiliate Guide Pt. 2, to find your coupon affiliate link or request us to resend the link by sending an email to

Tip #3: How to shorten and track results on your affiliate link 

You may be wondering how you can easily share your affiliate link verbally or on a flyer. The standard affiliate link is very long and hard to remember. This can make it very difficult for people to type in on their computer or smart phone.

Fortunately there is an easy way to solve this problem using a Free url shortening service called And not only will help you shorten and customize your affiliate link, it can also help you track information on how many people have clicked your link.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in or create a new account
  3. Copy and paste your original long affiliate link in the area on the top right menu bar of bitly.bitly example
  4. Bitly will automatically create a shortened link and allow you to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.bitly url shortener example
  5. Add a title to your link to help make it easier to remember where it goes.  Also this will be the title that appears on the post if you share to Facebook, so make sure it will catch people’s attention
  6. Your shortened Bitly link will contain a bunch of random letters and numbers.  You can customize the link to an easy to remember word or phrase.  Just click on the “i” (information) symbol to reveal the Bitly url.  Then click the pencil icon.Bitly url shortener example
  7. You’ll need to test out some different words and phrases to find one that hasn’t been used yet.bitly example
  8. You can use your Bitly account to also check stats on how many people have clicked your link, where they clicked from, and where they were located.  This will help you gauge how effective your efforts have been.bitly url shortener stats example
  9. Once you start receiving completed referral sales, we’ll set up a separate online report for you to keep track of actual sales.
  10. Now you can share your shortened link on twitter, facebook, flyers, brochures, etc.

Happy Referring!  Feel free to send any other questions you have about the Sports Roses affiliate program to

Best regards,
Mark Ellingson
Founder & Creator

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