Billy Baseball Reviews Billy Butler’s BBQ Sauce

Billy Baseball holds a bottle of Billy Butler's BBQ Sauce

The Royals recently enjoyed a hot streak and it all started when a shipment of Billy Butler’s BBQ Sauce arrived in the dugout. Kansas City Royals designated hitter Billy Butler started selling his own barbecue sauce at the start of the season to help raise money for his “Hit-It-A-Ton” foundation, which raises money for needy KC families.

Kansas City Star reported that Billy Butler donates a ton of food for every home run he hits and a half a ton of food for each double he hits.

When Sports Roses office mascot Billy Baseball heard about the Kansas City Rally sauce, he just had to get his hands on a bottle to give it a try to see what made it so special. It was a little hard to find since it’s only available in KC grocery stores, but Billy enjoyed seeing his name in bold on the bottle when his arrived by mail.

Although Billy Baseball is from San Diego, he stills enjoys a good barbecue sauce. But that is not something that is easy to come by in Southern California (known more for its delicious fish tacos). What surprised Billy the most about this BBQ sauce was not the incredible taste, but what happened to his athletic figure. He saw incredible muscle growth in his biceps that seemed to appear overnight. Billy is really hoping that his enjoyment of Billy Butler’s BBQ sauce will not be counted as doping. But you have to wonder what secret ingredients are in that special sauce.

Billy Baseball samples and reviews Billy Butlers BBQ sauce

While BBQ sauce remains unclassified as a PED in baseball, Billy Baseball is going to make the most out of his new home run power and the Kansas City Royals will continue their quest to the top of the AL Central.

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