How to Keep Your Cool at Summer Softball and Baseball Games

mark cools down with his personal mister bottle during a hot softball tournament

Don’t let triple digit temperatures keep you from enjoying ball games this summer.

By Mark Ellingson, Sports Roses Founder & Creator

When I travel around the southwest to set up my Sports Roses promotional booth at summer tournaments, I’ve experienced first-hand how hot it can get while watching games. Spectators and players resort to many different techniques and products to beat the heat. I’ve seen people using cooling towels, umbrellas, canopies, portable fans, eating ice cream, and drinking plenty of fluids. When it’s 100 degrees outside, there is no limit to what people will do to keep cool.

I grew up in the triple digit heat of Arizona and my cure from that heat was to escape it by staying inside cool air-conditioned environments. But AC is not an option when you are at a ball game (unless you’re watching the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field). When I’ve attended some softball tournaments in during the middle of summer, I’m amazed at how these young players are able to effectively play in the 100+ degree weather. Hydration is very important for the safety of both players and spectators during outdoor summer events.

get a free high capacity personal mister xl One of the coolest products I came across at a softball tournament was the High Capacity Personal Mister XL. This mister bottle requires no batteries to pressurize the water in the bottle. Just give it a few pumps and it delivers a fine water mist that quickly lowers the temperature around you. Once that cool mist settles on your face, even a hot breeze is chilled to provide instant relief from a hot summer day.

I’ve seen other personal misters before, but they have always been very expensive ($30+), had a limited capacity (usually 24 oz or less), and were only capable of a fine mist spray. The features I love about the High Capacity Personal Mister XL is that it has a large reservoir (40 oz) with a wide neck, an adjustable nozzle (create fine mist or jet spray), costs under $15, and even comes in 5 different colors. Kids love this mister bottle because the jet spray setting turns it into a water gun capable of shooting up to 20 feet that keeps them entertained for hours while cooling them off at the same time. The wide neck makes it possible to load the bottle up with ice to give your water an extra chill when it hits your face for even greater relief.

Free High Capacity Personal Mister XL OfferI’m not the only one to fall in love with the High Capacity Personal Mister XL. When the Sports Roses booth was set up next to COREGEAR booth at a tournament, I saw people lining up to get their hands on these misters when temperatures started to rise. And people were not only buying them for themselves, but for their whole teams and families. Everywhere I went, I saw spectators and players using these misters to cool themselves off. That’s when I thought that it would be a great product to also share with our Sports Roses fans and customers.

I met with Mike Hammar, the owner of M3 Trading Company LLC (COREGEAR), to find out more about his misters and company (read his inspirational business start-up story below). Now the High Capacity Personal Mister XL is available for purchase on the Sports Roses Online Store. We’re also kicking off an introductory offer to give you 1 free mister when you purchase 2 at regular price. Just enter the coupon code FREEMISTER in your shopping cart. Or click here to activate this offer.


Meet the family behind the High Capacity Personal Mister XL

Mike Hammar and his COREGEAR Family at a promotional event.

Mike Hammar, Founder and President of M3 Trading Company LLC (COREGEAR brand), began his business in 2011 to help solve a problem he experienced while attending his child’s sporting event. “It was so hot we couldn’t enjoy the game!” says Mike.

This experience, coupled with a desire to be his own boss and make a positive impact in the community, led him to start his own business along with his wife, Karissa. The COREGEAR mission promises affordable and high quality products that provide coolness in the blazing heat and warmth in the freezing cold. His first product was the 1.2 liter manually-pressurized High Capacity Personal Mister XL. His very popular flagship product requires no batteries and has a high quality brass nozzle that adjusts from a fine mist to a 20′ spray!

In 2013, COREGEAR is bringing new products to the market. They are getting ready to release the Chiller Cooling Towel. This towel is made from a highly absorbent material that keeps you cool without getting you wet. The towel is a great companion to the High Capacity Personal Mister XL and comes in a travel-friendly zippered pouch.

Other future plans for the company include the roll out of COREGEAR Fit, which is a community-based fitness program, and COREGEAR-Pro, which facilitates enterprising individuals interested in earning part-time or full-time income running a COREGEAR business of their own.

You can stay up to date with the latest COREGEAR news and product announcements by following their Facebook page or visiting their website.

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