What’s New This Year at Baseball’s Spring Training

What’s new for 2013 spring training?  A great deal!  It’s not so unusual that trades have altered a number of teams, but, the Miami Marlins in particular sent away a number of players that Miami fans did not expect to lose.  And teams are preparing for a schedule that has been altered to balance home vs. road games more evenly across major league baseball.

Another schedule wrinkle is the move of the Houston Astros from the National League Central to the American League West.  After 50 years in the National League, the Astro’s move balances the divisions, with 15 teams in both leagues, and five teams in each of the six divisions.

This adjustment allows an even allocation of home and road games for all teams, for both division and non-division games.  In the past some teams did not meet certain division teams an equal number of times away and at home.  The schedule change ends the cycle of years with more or fewer home games.

The 2012 World Series Champions San Francisco Giants are cleaning up from the legal problems of several players.  In particular, Melky Cabrera starts the season with a 50-game suspension for positive testosterone tests.  San Francisco will need all the focus it can get to cope with the strength in the National League West, with the improving Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

We can’t wait for Opening Day!  The Houston Astros, in their debut game as an American League West team, faces down their in-state rival Texas Rangers. They take the mound on Sunday, March 31, and the following day will see 12 Opening Day games across the country. How will you celebrate your baseball fever?

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What are you planning for Opening Day?  What ideas are you using from past Opening Days?

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