Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans – Making it Special

You’re reviewing the holiday gift list.  You have sport players and fans in your household – football, volleyball, softball and baseball.  A season of games comes with a long list of dedicated helpers and volunteers who make trips and gatherings special.  And the moms who drive, bring food, hand out beverages and organize people and stuff.

How lovely it would be to show your appreciation for everything the moms did this season – without breaking the holiday budget.  And the school team would like to do something special for every team-mom for the holiday banquet.  What’s a unique, budget-friendly solution?

An unexpected choice is an exquisite Sport Rose.  Sport Roses are hand-made out of the genuine leather of game balls.  A rose that looks like a football or volleyball, magically transformed into a rosebud, creates a memorable moment.  Baseball and Softball Roses are also available.  The covers of the balls are removed and crafted into roses through a time-consuming process.  At a price of about $15 plus shipping for a single sport rose with stem, greenery and ribbon, and a discount for volume orders, what an affordable special gift.

The girls and women athletes in your world deserve something that recognizes their femininity while celebrating their dedication.  These athletes have trained and played, lived the highs and lows with the passion and commitment.  What will let them know you stand with them?

Women coaches, trainers and other female support staff are also on your list.  The ladies have nurtured each player, counseled and pushed, challenged their ability and strengthened their resolve.  They assisted with gear and planned the activity calendar.  Without their dedication it couldn’t happen.  How can you applaud their efforts in a special way?

As a single stem, a bouquet or a traditional dozen, the sport rose will be treasured for a long time to come.  Unlike real roses, Sport Roses don’t need water and don’t wilt!

Produced entirely in the U.S., this unique product was the inspiration of a college student, who has made a career out of his independent business.  Crafted in California by about a dozen employees, Sport Roses are created as a special attention-getter for anyone who loves football, baseball, softball or volleyball.

It’s not too late to rush order sport roses for Christmas!  Contact without delay and get something unique and special for your favorite female fans and athletes for the holiday.

Who are some of the dedicated supporters in your community you would like to recognize this Christmas?

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