How Sports Roses Make Every Homecoming Spectacular

Are you in charge of planning the big homecoming dance for you or your child’s school, and you’re looking for some finishing touches?

Dances are a central part of the high school experience and everyone wants something unique that shows school spirit.

Small choices make a big difference in enriching students’ appearance and homecoming experience. If you’re planning homecoming activities, Sports Roses might be just the detail you need to make homecoming a success.

Here are four ways you can use Sports Roses to spice up this year’s homecoming…

1. Make homecoming fun with a little reality TV flare. Popular TV shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette involve the main contestants giving roses to the guys or girls they want to keep dating. Why don’t you do something similar at your homecoming dance? Give Sports Roses to homecoming royalty, or to recognize the accomplishments of distinguished alumni who come back for homecoming.

2. Offer Sports Roses as door prizes. Not everyone gets to be homecoming king or queen and not everyone will get recognized for all their talents. But that does not mean they can’t receive a great gift. Give Sports Roses as door prizes for couples who attend homecoming.

3. Host a pre-homecoming poetry slam. Who said homecoming had to be only for jocks? Not us. After the big game, host a poetry slam where students and teachers can share their talents with the entire community. Give Sports Roses to the participants. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved.

4. Use Sports Roses as a fundraiser for homecoming or for charity. Hosting homecoming requires money. Consider selling Sports Roses as a fundraiser and use part of the money for the dance or for a worthy charity. You can learn more about our unique fundraising packages here. (link to Fundraising/Affiliates page)

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