What to Get a Guy on Valentine’s Day

We understand the problem for the ladies – he doesn’t seem to need very much, and he buys what he wants before mentioning those wants to you.  He doesn’t care much about chocolate.  What gift will light up those baby blues (or warm browns or sparkling greys)?

Here are some suggestions to fire your imagination.   Your guy’s needs may seem to be basic, but his focus on just a few important possessions can open up some interesting opportunities.

  • Guys like gadgets.  Pick out something he already has and uses, and investigate a newer version, or else an upgrade or add-on to the one he has.  If you aren’t that gadget-y yourself, secretly snap a cellphone photo of two or three of his favorite gizmos to take to the electronics store for advice.  More than one, to keep your options open with more than one possibility.  Be sure to capture the brands and model names in the photos.
  • What was his favorite music in college?  Does he have a band or music genre he’s nuts about now?  Sign up on iTunes or another online music source and load a USB music storage device with old favorites.  Shortly after Valentine’s he’ll be jogging, working or pursuing his hobby with your music in his ears.
  • Does he like grilling?  How about sandwiches?  A small indoor electric grill will put the grill-marks on one or two grilled sandwiches or burgers at a moment’s notice, in any weather.
  • If he’s sporty and goes out to play for long hours, or even if he takes his lunch to work, he will love a man-lunch-sized food & beverage carrier from an outdoor camping store.  The manly natural tones and stout handle makes it something he’ll use on a regular basis.  The pockets and compartments appeal to a guy’s sense of organization and important stuff.  Don’t be surprised if in 10 years he’s still toting his provisions in the carrier you selected.

What else can you can add to make it truly Valentine’s?   A leathery but elegant Sports Rose, with a team mini-pennant attached, will let him know that you love him and his favorite team … or, that you love him in spite of it!  A single Sports Rose stem standing up in a vase on his dresser, or Sports Rose boutonniere on his package instead of a bow, will let him know he is very special to someone – you.

Football or Baseball Roses are hand-crafted from ball covers in the U.S.  Is he a coach?  Softball and volleyball are also available.  The Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, mini-pennants for most major college and major league teams add a fun spark for dedicated fans.

For Valentine’s Day, Sportsroses.com offers free economy shipping on orders of $50 or more.  And they will include a Sports Roses bear for orders of a dozen Sports Roses.  Just for Valentine’s, you can add a Sports Roses bear to a single stem or a bouquet for just $9.96 – for yourself, if not for him!

What gift did you give a man in your life that had the best reaction?

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