When to Choose a Sports Rose Over a Regular Rose

Baseball Rose Boutonnieres and Baseball Rose Corsage Stems for baseball themed prom.
Wondering whether you should gift a Sports Rose vs. a regular rose? Here are five reasons to consider a Sports Rose…

1. Quality craftsmanship. Sports Roses are handmade from either baseballs, softballs, or footballs, depending on the type of Sports Rose you select. The top quality means that they will last much longer than a regular rose. Get something that lasts and looks outstanding.

2. Support American industry. Sports Roses were invented in the USA, so purchasing them supports American innovation. They are made in beautiful Chula Vista, California near San Diego. We are proud to keep all jobs here while providing a quality product.

3. Perfect for a sports fan’s special occasion. Sports Roses add fun to almost any occasion. They can be worn as boutonnieres, arranged in a bouquet, or presented individually as an award or to commemorate an accomplishment. The possibilities are endless!

4. Originality. We are the original maker of Sports Roses company. We are pleased to continue offering a premium product and exceptional service to our customers.

5. Affordable. Look on Facebook or online for the list of our current discounts!

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