3 Reasons Why Sports Roses Make Great Awards for Your Softball Tournament

Have you tried organizing a local sports tournament and experienced the pressures of thinking about the perfect award for such an event?

Sure, there are the medals and the trophies, but don’t you want your event to stand out from the norm?

Start a new tradition this season with by giving out Sports Roses as awards. Sports Roses are handcrafted artificial roses featuring petals made from the same material used to make baseballs, footballs, basketballs, softballs or volleyballs. It’s a great way to make a sporting statement, and it’s a definite eye catcher for sports fans.
Here are 3 reasons why Sports Roses would make a great award for your local softball tournament.

1.   Sports Roses are great awards to keep and cherish. It’s easy to run out of new ideas for tournament awards when you host a tournament year after year. The uniqueness of Sports Roses have found them becoming a part of new award traditions in many tournaments around the country. Spice up your softball tournament by using Softball Roses to replace or complement the ubiquitous trophy and medal awards. Gift a gift that players and supporters will cherish for years to come.

2.   Sports Roses awards last forever. You know how most awards get misplaced or ruined after a short period of time? It won’t be long before the typical mass produced medals and trophies you give out during the local softball tournament get brushed to the side and forgotten, or fall apart due to shoddy materials. By using high quality materials and providing special care and attention to each Sports Rose created by hand, you know your awards will stand the test of time. And unlike live flower gifts that wilt and die within a few days, Sports Roses will bloom forever and find a special place in the heart of your recipient.softball player with Softball Rose, medal, and trophy

3.   Sports Roses awards are beautiful. Live roses are naturally beautiful; that’s why they always occupy a conspicuous spot in the living room. Now imagine roses with petals made from the same genuine materials used in making of actual game balls? Sports Roses symbolize your passion for sports in a way that few other awards can achieve. By giving out Sports Roses, you can be confident that your award will beautify the office, home, or dorm of a passionate sports fan.

Don’t get caught up in the traditional trophies and medals for your next event, specifically if it’s for softball or similar tournaments. Use Sports Roses to add novelty and fun to your events. Make your tournament stand out to keep teams coming back year after year!

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What local sporting events are you organizing this year, and how can Sports Roses help you make it memorable? Tell us in the comments below. 

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