In Memory of Stan Musial – A Tribute to “The Man”

January 20, 2013 1 Comment

in memory of Stan Musial memorial from the Baseball Rose RIP

On January 19, 2013, the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, Stan “The Man” Musial, passed away at age 92.

Stan Musial, widely regarded as one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, played his entire 22 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. During his career, he was a 24-time All-Star, 3-time NL MVP, 7-time NL Batting Champion, and 3-time World Series Champion. In Major League Baseball history, Musial’s 3,630 hits ranks 4th all-time, 1,949 runs ranks 9th all-time, and 1,951 RBIs ranks 6th all-time.

In 1945, Musial would leave baseball for a season to serve in the United States Navy during WWII. Gary Suess of Bleacher Report ranked Musial #5 in the top 15 of Hall of Fame players that served in the U.S. Armed Forces. He would join other baseball greats that served their country in the military – Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Ty Cobb.

Stan Musial was a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, elected in 1969 with 93.2% of votes

On February 15, 2011, President Barack Obama honored Stan Musial with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor for a civilian. The President described Musial as “an icon untarnished, a beloved pillar of the community, a gentleman you’d want your kids to emulate.”

Stan the Man is a baseball legend that will truly be missed, but his spirit will continue to live on in the history of baseball.

a tribute the memory of stan musial from the Baseball Rose

“He didn’t hit a homer in his last at-bat; he hit a single. He didn’t hit in 56 straight games. He married his high school sweetheart and stayed married to her, never married a Marilyn Monroe. He didn’t play with the sheer joy and style that goes alongside Willie Mays’ name. None of those easy things are there to associate with Stan Musial. All Musial represents is more than two decades of sustained excellence and complete decency as a human being.” – Sportscaster Bob Costas in ESPN SportsCentury (ESPN)

Stan Musial loved to play the harmonica, let’s here him one more time. Share your Stan the Man memories in the comments below.

Sports Athlete Performance – What You Need To Know About Ice Baths

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Team USA Womens Gymnastics team dipping legs in ice bath during the 2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Team USA Women’s Olympic Team taking a dip in an ice bath. Source: Instagram user mckaylamaroney

A focus on body recovery with ice baths can help reduce injuries and maintain regular training to improve overall body condition for sports.

With baseball and softball season approaching, players are getting their gear ready for another exciting season on the playing field. Our last blog article focused on nutrition to help keep an athlete’s body in top shape for a season of high physical activity. This week we will look at body recovery using ice baths.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, athletes from gymnasts to volleyball players were seen posting pictures on social media taking a dip in an ice bath after their performance. According to Runners World Ice baths suppress inflammation and “help to flush harmful metabolic debris out of your muscles”.

Kerri Walsh from Team USA Volleball takes an ice bath during the 2012 London Olympics

Kerrie Walsh, Team USA Volleyball. Source: Instagram User kerrileewalsh

Andy Schmidtz from USA Triathlon writes more on the theory behind ice baths.

The general theory behind this cold therapy is that the exposure to cold helps to combat the microtrauma (small tears) in muscle fibers and resultant soreness caused by intense or repetitive exercise. The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Subsequently, as the tissue warms and the increased blood flow speeds circulation, the healing process is jump-started. The advantage of an ice bath submersion is that a large area of intertwined musculature can be treated, rather than limiting the cold therapy to a concentrated area with a localized ice pack.

Jackie Traina pitched on the 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide Championship team.

Source: University of Alabama

And top college softball players are utilizing ice baths to improve their ability to play during demanding performance schedules. Alabama Crimson Tide pitcher Jackie Traina spoke with during her teams run to the championship in the 2012 Women’s College World Series. Traina mentioned that she never ices her arm but instead uses a technique of icing her lower body to maintain a shape where she could pitch 600 innings over a 2 week period.

Traina’s level of performance took a lot of work building up her endurance and ice baths aided in keeping her training up. Alabama pitching coach Stephanie VanBrakle also added that Traina is “aware of when she’s sore. She knows the difference between being injured and being sore, because there’s a difference. She takes the necessary steps to take care of her body.”

So what should a player know before adding ice baths to their training regiment?

Andy Schmitz from USA Triathlon recommends the following tips for ice baths.

  • Don’t go too low with the water temperature. It shouldn’t be freezing cold, but instead a temperature of 54-60 degrees is ideal. Temperatures below 54 degrees can be dangerous.
  • Some people may be very sensitive to the cold water and can use booties made of wetsuit material to help sensitive toes
  • Don’t overexpose your body to the cold water. 6-8 minutes is all you need.
  • If you are uncomfortable with 54-60 degrees temperature, you can also see good results using higher temperatures (60-75 degrees). Ease your body into ice bath routines.
  • “Don’t Rush to take a warm shower immediately after the ice bath”. You want to gradually warm your body so try warming yourself with a blanket before jumping into the shower.
  • Apart from ice baths, active recovery with very light exercise can also help “facilitate blood flow to musculature”

As with any training and nutrition techniques, it’s a good idea to do your homework on ice baths and consult with a professional for questions about your individual body. Good luck this season and leave us a comment below on how you recover after your workouts and games.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day may not be your typical “holiday” because people still report to work and students have classes if it falls on a weekday. But it is one of the most celebrated occasions around the world.

We know what Valentine’s Day is about—everything that connotes “love”. But do we know what its origins are?

There are many versions and stories about St. Valentine’s and how the feast day was named in his honor. According to one story, Valentine was a Catholic priest who was thrown to jail for his teachings. It was a time when Roman emperors still mandated the people to believe in Roman gods.

While Valentine was in jail, his jailer, Asterius approached him with his blind daughter. He asked Valentine to restore his daughter’s sight—which Valentine successfully did with his miraculous power fueled by strong faith. On the day of his execution, Valentine wrote a farewell message to the girl, containing the words, “From your Valentine.” Valentine was beheaded on February 14, 270 AD—the day that we now celebrate as the month of love.

Another version of St. Valentine’s story was about a bishop of the same name who administered secret marriages against the order of the Roman emperor.

The feast of St. Valentine was first declared by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, who considered him among those “… whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God.”

Sports Roses Valentines Day ArrangementsThere is very little known about the history of Valentine’s Day but one thing remains for sure… It’s all about expressing your love to the people around you. If your beloved is a sports fan, consider a gift of a Sports Rose to make the occasion extra special.

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Super Bowl Party Ideas

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superbowl XLVII in new orleans

Photo credit: Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

On Sunday, February 3rd, the Super Bowl returns to the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome!  Coaches, players and party-givers are already in full-swing strategy sessions to make it a winning day.  The whole Super Bowl experience starts hours before the actual game.  Each player must be status-updated for health, fitness and season history; each team must be cussed and discussed; every broadcaster demands attention and attracts comments in their turn.  That takes a lot of food and beverage for the spectators on the couches at home!  And some passion-inspiring décor.

Many websites offer Super Bowl Party ideas and amazing recipes … so we’ll start out with something a little different.  Here are some ideas to help out with the basics of a successful party for less-experienced and first-time party-givers, and perhaps some thoughts for everyone contemplating a Super Bowl party.  With luck someone will be inspired to take the plunge with their first Super Bowl party, or to enlarge their planned festivities.

The first planning tip – order now!  Providers become notoriously busy closer to the game.  From Football Rose centerpieces to deli trays, make sure your first choices will be ready when you want them.

This Super Bowl is held in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, so have some fun liberally draping Mardi Gras beads around your décor.  Beads can be obtained at party stores, and will drape in unexpected places from mantelpieces to beer glasses, to add color and energy.  Of course you’ll want beads in your favorite team colors – perhaps both team colors for competing guests.  And some purple, green and gold beads for classic Mardi Gras colors.

Order Football Roses for your Super Bowl PartyOrder your Football Rose centerpiece now to have it in time with regular shipping.  As a conversation-starter it is priceless, welcoming your guests with a football passion!  The blooms, made of the leather of real football covers, will long outlast the party, and don’t need the care of real flowers.

Some first basics of a Super Bowl party are space and seating – it is surprising how these two fundamentals affect your choices of food and décor, as well as furniture arrangement! 

Eating is a big part of a Super Bowl party as the pre-game and game last for hours.  Will everyone have not only a place to sit, but a surface to set their plates and beverages?  Floor-sitting and lap-eating are perfectly acceptable for a younger, physically-flexible crowd – but not so much for creaky-kneed veteran fans.  But, if eating from laps and eating while standing is the plan, avoid food with loose ingredients, such as tacos and build-your-owns, because stray bits of veggies will end up sprinkled on your floor!

Chips and dip NOLA style.

You can add both seating and table surfaces by borrowing or buying some deck chairs and t.v. trays.  Even camp chairs can be comfortable, and they offer a spot to hold a beverage.  Foldable chairs are also handy because they can easily be moved as needed.

Extra tip – have your guests write their names on anything they lend you or bring, from deck chairs to serving dishes.  After the party it all becomes part of an indistinguishable pile of detritus, especially if they forget it when they leave!

A well-attended Super Bowl party attracts all food preferences, in addition to the usual burger-and-hot-dog lovers.  Everyone from vegetarians to all-protein diets can be expected, with both heavy and light eaters.  In addition to your main course, offering dishes that are filling and avoid both meat and cheese are a great help to a successful party.

Stuffed peppers or mushrooms with no cheese or meat, in addition to those that are fully loaded, come in handy.   Mixed-bean salads are popular, as are baked potatoes with an abundance of toppings.  A bowl of meat-less pasta, with sauces on the side, can be a good side dish, but isn’t usually sufficient on its own.  Plan ahead that everyone will want to enjoy these dishes, not just the vegetarians.

A note that bar-be-que can be problematic indoors, as many people consider it a finger food.  Their fingers will inevitable smear a tad of sauce on many other surfaces.  The same is true of fried chicken.  Save any hand-held greasy food for the 4th of July picnic outdoors.

On another subject … is there another subject on Super Bowl Sunday?  Well, actually … just a thought that now is the time to plan your Valentine’s Day fundraising campaign through  Early arrangements are essential, so check the site for “fundraising,” both through order referrals and through wholesale sales.  It does take time to hand-craft Sports Roses in bulk, so don’t delay!

Please let us know – What have you done for a Super Bowl party that made it special and fun?

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2013 MLB Hall of Fame Class? No Inductees This Year!

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baseball hall of fame logo

No Player Received the 75% Required Vote By Baseball Writers’ Association of America

Sporting News reports that “for the first time since 1996 and just the eighth time ever, no player received the 75 percent of the vote necessary for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.”No inductees in the 2013 mlb hall of fame class

It is disappointing but not surprising to see the all-time home run leader Barry Bonds (36.2 % of votes) and the 3rd all-time strike outs leader Roger Clemens (37.6% of votes) getting a pass due to their involvement in steroid allegations.  Only time will tell if the negative publicity and asterisk hovering over their careers will fade in future voting years.

To fans and supporters of Craig Biggio (68.2% of votes) this came as shocking news since his stats show that he also had the stuff of a Hall of Famer – member of the 3,000 hit club and a man known for playing the game the right way.  But based on BBWAA voting, he wasn’t eligible to be a first ballot inductee.  This will add to the controversy about “First Ballot Hall of Famer”  honors being reserved for the baseball elite.  View First Ballot Hall of Famers in history

An MLB statement concerning the lack of inductees in the 2013 class:

Major League Baseball recognizes that election to the Hall of Fame is our game’s most extraordinary individual honor. Achieving enshrinement in Cooperstown is difficult, as it should be, and there have been seven other years when no one was elected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. While this year did not produce an electee, there are many worthy candidates who will merit consideration in the future. We respect both the longstanding process that the Hall of Fame has in place and the role of the BBWAA, whose members have voted in the Hall of Fame’s elections since 1936.

37 candidates (including 24 on the ballot for the first time) were eligible for voting by the BBWAA.  In 2014, the expected top vote-getters for new candidates will include Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas.

Do you think Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should ever be elected to the Hall of Fame?  Share your thoughts of the news in the comments below.

Top Three Dip Recipes for Your Superbowl Party

January 8, 2013 Leave a reply

Chips and dips are typically the “stars” of any Superbowl party. People love to dig in and keep themselves busy with food, chatting with friends, and watching their favorite athletes outdo their opponents.

It’s easy to find chips—they’re literally just around the corner. But what make these chips even yummier and more exciting are the dips.

Here are three great suggestions that you can use not only for chips, but also for other finger food like big crispy baguettes!

1.      Creamy Pesto Dip

Combine 1 cup of mayonnaise, 1 cup sour cream, 7 ounces of pesto sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper in a medium bowl. Make sure to mix well then serve, or cover and chill.

2.      Cheesy Beer Dip

You will need 8 ounces or 2 cups of Mexican cheese blend, ½ cup thick and chunky salsa, and ¼ cup of beer. Combine all these ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until smooth and the cheese is melted, stirring frequently. Be sure to serve immediately.

3.      Smoky Ranch Dip

Prepare 1 ounce of Ranch dressing mix, 1 and ½ cups of light sour cream, 2 teaspoons of finely chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and 1 teaspoon of adobo sauce from can. Whisk all these ingredients together, and cover and chill for 30 minutes. This is great for potato chips or assorted raw vegetables.

Make your party design more fun with Football Roses. And with these easy dip recipes, your Superbowl finger foods will definitely be a big hit!

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Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon – Book Your Fundraiser Now!

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sports roses for valentines day gifts
Valentine’s Day is the time to tell your sweetie how special he or she is in your life.  It’s also a chance to help your sports team do some fundraising in a unique way.  We’ve been leaving little notes at the end of recent posts to remind you to plan and order ahead – and now is the time  – have you made sure everything is on track for Sports Roses fundraising for Valentine’s Day?

Having made your arrangements with, now is the time to put out the word, create some publicity and … take orders!  The ladies especially like sports roses, but the ball-cover leather roses are tough enough to give as gifts to guys as well.  What is available?  Football Roses; Volleyball Roses; Baseball Roses; Softball Roses.  One or more is sure to delight a special fan or athlete!

The teams are a great place to start – not just one team, but all the teams in your school or community league.  Team members, be they girls or guys, can add a single Sports Rose stem to dress up their Valentine’s gift to sweethearts and moms, at a cost under $20.  For their staunchest supporters, a bouquet or a full dozen is an engaging way to show their love and appreciation.  Or, take a few sports rose single stems and add them to a traditional flower bouquet.

What else can you do to encourage more orders?  Your publicity can remind everyone that the female athletes in their world will find Sports Roses a charming acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication.  Whether she is a champion or a committed performer, a sports rose is a unique gesture just for her … and it lasts much longer than real flowers!  Volleyball Roses and Softball Roses are available, just for her.

And don’t forget the sports ribbons printed with ball images, as well as the mini-pennants for professional and college teams.  A small pennant makes a perky decoration for a dessert, or tucked into a hatband.

How do you make sure all runs smoothly with your fundraising?  Because of the time to produce each rose by hand, it is best to order ahead.  Be sure your sports roses are on hand in plenty of time, with the convenience of regular shipping.  Sports Roses are available with volume discounts for orders of 25 or more roses, as well as fundraising through wholesale and referral orders.

Plan ahead to take advantage of the benefits of volume orders for team gifts, as well as personal surprises, for your favorite fans and athletes.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Tell us in the comments below.

fundraising with Sports Roses this Valentine's Day

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Sports Roses Reviews and Testimonials – December 2012

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Customers share reviews and testimonials on their recent Sports Roses purchase

See what our customers are saying about their recent Sports Roses purchase

Football Rose.

Sent as gift. He liked it.

Joni L. from Poway, CA reviewing Football Roses - December 29, 2012

Mother Inlaw Gift.

It was the perfact gift for my mother inlaw, had her convinced she was getting dinosaur poop.

Justin T. from White City, OR reviewing Baseball Roses - December 24, 2012

True Love.

I am completely in love – What a great gift for baseball fans. Any woman that loves Baseball would LOVE to receive these Baseball Roses.

Victoria from Arroyo Grande, California reviewing Baseball Roses - December 24, 2012

Perfect Gift!

This was a gift for a special family and they LOVED it. The wreath is a perfect gift for any football fan. The roses are beautifully crafted and the wreath design is great! You can “personalize” with a team pennant – looks fantastic! Thanks for the great products!

Customer from Litchfield Park, Arizona reviewing Football Roses - December 17, 2012

Perfect gift for sports fans!

What to get a sports fan for a special birthday? This is one bouquet that keeps on giving, and it was a hoot and a half for the recipient.

Elizabeth O. from New York, New York reviewing Baseball Roses - December 13, 2012

Great Gift Idea.

Purchased for my softball playing granddaughter for Christmas. It is so adorable!

Customer from Canton, Illinois reviewing Softball Roses - December 8, 2012

Great gifts for Christmas.

Great gift for the best baseball fans.

Customer from O'Fallon, Illinois reviewing Baseball Roses - December 7, 2012

So Easy to Order!

I ordered some softball roses for a friend in CA, who doesn’t have a computer (really)! She will be giving them to her son for Christmas, as he teaches softball. They arrived before the scheduled time and she loves them. Any of the Sports Roses make awesome gifts for your sports fan and they are so helpful when you call for help. I will continue to spread the seeds of these roses at every opportunity!

JoAnn V. from Peoria, Arizona reviewing Softball Roses - December 6, 2012

Super Nice!!

Super nice Softball Roses….my daughter is going to love these. Easy ordering, fast shipping, excellent quality.

Customer from Las Vegas, Nevada reviewing Softball Roses - December 4, 2012

Perfect in every way!

I ordered these for my sports themed wedding, and am more overjoyed than I could imagine. I love them!! They are so awesome!!

Amy S. from Fruitport , Michigan reviewing Football Roses - December 2, 2012

Share your Sports Roses experience in the comments below. Or visit any of our online store product pages to leave a specific product review. Maybe your review will be the next one featured here.

Our Favorite Yogi-Isms, Yogi Berra Quotes

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Yogi Berra Yogi-Isms

Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra is one of the best to ever play the game. He played most of his 19 years in pinstripes for the New York Yankees. An incredible statistic is that he appeared in 21 World Series (either as a player, coach, or manager).

Berra is also known for his abundance of paradoxical witty quotes, commonly referred to as Yogi-isms. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

It’s like deja vu all over again.

We made too many wrong mistakes.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Inspiration and Wisdom From One of Baseball’s Greatest Heroes

In baseball, you don’t know nothing.

You can observe a lot by watching.

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.

Little League Baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.

Think! How the hell are you going to think and hit at the same time?

He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious!

A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.

I didn’t really say everything I said.

Preparing For Softball Season – 5 Nutrition Tips To Give You The Edge

January 1, 2013 1 Comment

softball rose 2013 new year preparing for the new season

Happy New Year From Softball Roses!

2013 is here and that means a new season of softball is only weeks away! We hope you’ve been keeping in shape throughout the fall and winter. Many of us are setting goals and resolutions for the new year, so we thought it would be a good time to review some essentials for nurturing your body and mind so that you can perform your best!

5 Important Performance Enhancing Nutritional Tips


  1. Don’t leave out breakfast.
    Are you always in a rush to school or work each morning? Many of us hit the snooze button on the alarm clock until the last minute and then we rush to get dressed and get out the door without refueling our bodies. Foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat are essential.

    “Some good food choices to start your day are, fresh fruit, yogurt with fresh fruit, toast with peanut butter, toast with low fat cheese or whole grain cereals with milk.”

  2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. We hear it all the time, but if you were to log how much water you drink each day, you will probably be surprised how little you drink. Eight 8-ounce glasses of fluids a day has been a general rule and it is supported by doctors. But if you are working out (especially in the sun), you may need more replenishment during those times. Sports drinks with electrolytes are a great choice before your work out. Don’t forget to drink fluids between innings and on breaks.

    “Consumption of adequate fluid before, during and after strenuous activities can help maintain blood glucose levels during exercise, and maximize your performance.”

  3. Eat foods high in carbohydrates. Pastas, breads, fruits, and smoothies are just a few great examples to make sure you body has the energy it needs during your work outs.
    illustration of pitcher throwing softball from softball rose

    “Have a snack at least 1 hour before a workout. Good snack choices may consist of granola bar, large banana, or even a ½ bagel.”

  4. Skip the vitamin and mineral supplements. If you are eating right, these aren’t needed. There may be some situations where supplements should be used, leave it to the professionals and consult your doctor to help you decide.
  5. Remember Your Time After Exercise Activity. Often overlooked, but just as important as your pre-exercise routines is to make sure you are taking care of your body after strenuous physical activity. Drink 3 cups or more of water to rehydrate your body after physical activity. And also make sure to eat after physical activity to replenish nutrients that were used up.

    “One way to check your hydration level is to check the color of your urine. If the color is dark yellow, more consumption of water or sports drink is needed.”

  6. By keeping these simple tips in mind throughout the year, you will be preparing your body and mind so that it can be ready to perform at it’s best when you need it the most. You may be young and healthy, but when you are competing with top athletes, you’ll need every bit of edge you can get. Start forming good habits now while you are young and you’ll see the rewards later on in your career.

    “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle

    Have any recommendations on how you prepare yourself for the season? Share them in our comments below.

    Learn from the Best! An inspirational guide for aspiring young softball players by Jennie Finch

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

January 1, 2013 Leave a reply

New year, new beginning.

How do you start the year right?

Have a new year’s resolution is part of our tradition. It’s an opportunity to welcome change and begin a fresh start.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of what your new year’s resolutions should be, here are some suggestions on how you can energize your mind and help you find the inspiration to create one:

  1. Think of areas where you felt dissatisfied with your life this year. Think about times you felt dissatisfied with your performance in one area or another in your life this year.  Make a new year’s resolution to overcome it.
  2. Form a new habit. Think of a new habit you’d like to acquire — perhaps it’s consistent exercising, journaling, saying thank you, or something else.  Focus on making it a part of your daily routine.
  3. Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Is there a specific hobby or activity you’ve always wanted to try?  Now’s the time to do it!  Make it a New Year’s resolution and give yourself the excuse to step outside your comfort zone.

With these techniques, you’re on your way to embracing a better new year and a better you!

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Happy New Years! Last-Minute Recipes For BCS Bowl Game Day!

January 1, 2013 Leave a reply

happy new year from Sports Roses

Is the grocery store open today?  We know you are wondering as the nachos, chili and beverages are disappearing fast from your bowl game food table!

Just in case you do run out of something, in spite of the bushels of pot-luck toted in by your guests, here are some fast and furious ideas for great nosh, easily assembled on the fly.

chips and dip recipe for new years bowl game parties
Dip they’ll love – expand or reduce for the quantity needed to get through the afternoon

  • 1 regular tub of sour cream
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon ground oregano
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon ground basil
  • 1 teaspoon garlic – small flakes is ok
  • Chili pepper to taste
  • Mix by hand and set it on the table with the chips & crackers

making your own pizza is easy
Make-Your-Own Pizzas

  • 6 (8 oz.) pkg. pre-baked cheese pizza crusts (12 small crusts)
  • Or … day-old bread , cut in large squares, if the store is out of pizza crust
  • Don’t forget still-fresh taco-building leftovers for ingredients
  • Meat, about ¼ cup per pizza
    • Cooked diced chicken breast
    • Cooked ground beef
    • Sliced Canadian bacon
    • Thin-sliced smoked salmon
  • Vegetables, about ¼ cup per pizza
    • Chopped tomatoes
    • Chopped red, green or yellow bell peppers
    • Chopped red or green onions
    • Sliced ripe or green olives
    • Chopped fresh spinach
  • Cheese, about ½ cup per pizza, or 24 oz. (6 cups) of shredded …
    • Provolone
    • Monterey jack
    • Cheddar
    • Feta, crumbled
    • Gorgonzola, crumbled
  • Each guest build and heat to suit!

And don’t forget to gather all your Football Roses from all last year, along with the mini-pennants and any sport ribbon still left, to add fun decorations and a centerpiece.

On another subject … is there a subject other than bowl games on New Year’s Day?how to create a successful fundraiser with Sports Roses  Well, actually … just a thought that now is the time to plan your Valentine’s Day fundraising campaign with Sports Roses.  Early arrangements are essential, so download our Free Fundraising Guide for all the information you need to create a successful fundraiser for your organization.  It does take time to hand-craft Sports Roses in bulk, so don’t delay!

May your teams prevail in the bowls, or at least make a gallant showing of drive and purpose!

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

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