Mariano Rivera Receives Standing Ovation during his Final All-Star Game Appearance

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Mariano Rivera enters the field from the bullpen to make his final all-star appearance

Mariano Rivera enters the field in the 8th inning of the 2013 All-Star game, making his final appearance before he retires.

Each summer, Major League Baseball gathers its top stars half-way through the season to play together during the All-Star game. And since 2002, the outcome of the game determines which league will get home field advantage in the World Series.

Throughout the 84 years of the Midsummer Classic, there have been many memorable moments. Some of those moments happen during play on the field, like Reggie Jackson’s monstrous home run during the 1971 All-Star game in Detroit. Other memorable moments occur during the pre-game festivities, like Ted Williams’s appearance at the 1999 All-Star game in Boston to throw out the first pitch.

During the 2013 All-Star Game at the Mets’ Citi Field in New York, baseball would add another great moment to the history books during the middle of the 8th inning. The AL was holding a 3-0 lead over the NL. AL manager, Jim Leyland wanted to make sure NY Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera came into the game while they had the lead, so he chose to bring him in during the 8th inning.

The field was empty, and the sound of Metallica’s Enter Sandman filled the ball park atmosphere. Mariano “Sandman” Rivera entered through the outfield bullpen gates and trotted to the mound. Rivera was all alone on the field standing atop the mound. He looked around at the standing ovation by fans and players honoring one of the game’s greatest. This was Rivera’s final career All-Star game appearance and he was soaking it all in.

What are your favorite All-Star game moments? Tell us in the comments below.

Dos and Don’ts for Senior Portrait Success

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Very few moments are more exciting than your son or daughter’s senior year of high school, and one of the best ways to remember that year is with senior portraits. Try these tips to make your son or daughter’s portraits turn out beautifully!

1)      DO find a great venue. Don’t take your picture indoors if you don’t have to. Find a picturesque spot outdoors for the best lighting.

2)      DO find the right photographer. Every photographer will have his or her own personality. Look for one whose prints are professional, creative, and within your price range.

3)      DO dress your best. Your son or daughter doesn’t need to be in their Sunday best, but they do need to have clean clothes that fit well. Let your teen pick their clothes and respect their choices, but point out to them that some prints and designs don’t translate well on film.

4)      DO show your personality. Bring your son or daughter’s football or volleyball, and their letter jacket. Have them pose with their cello or flute. Let the pictures showcase who they are.

5)      DON’T be afraid of the camera. Have fun. Let loose and smile!

6)      DON’T try to look older than you are. Lots of teens think that maturity means posing like the adults they see in magazines. It doesn’t. Be yourself.

7)      DON’T slouch. Your mom was always telling you to stand up straight, and you need to remind your teen to do that too.

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How to Create a Shadow Box Display for Sports Roses

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Have you previously received a Sports Rose from a very important person or as an award for a personal accomplishment? Have you had your Sports Roses autographed by a famous athlete?

If you have, then you may be looking for ways to preserve and display it. Sports Roses are made to last for a very long time, but you don’t want to leave them lying around to accumulate dust or get bleached by sunlight. If your Sports Roses are a commemoration of a great achievement, you want to be able to display them properly and preserve their pristine condition.

The easiest way to do this is with a shadow box. In fact, because shadow boxes are so versatile you can proudly show off your Sports Roses on your living room mantle or hang them prominently on a wall.

Here are some suggestions on how to make the best shadow box that will give justice to your sports roses.

  1. Make your own shadow box or purchase a ready-made shadow box at a local craft store. Are you crafty and good at working with your hands? You can make your own shadow boxes using materials found in a woodworking shop or local hardware stores. The benefit to designing your own is that you can create a custom-sized shadow box that is not available in stores. You’ll need to have access to woodworking tools and supplies. If you are not experienced with woodworking, you may want to find someone who can help you with this project. Below is a video tutorial of how to create your own custom shadow box from scratch.
  2. Not experienced with woodworking? Purchase a ready-made shadow box. If you don’t think you can make a shadow box on your own, visit your local craft store (like Michael’s) to find one that will fit your Sports Roses display. Look for a display that has a long rectangular shape. To save money on supplies, pay attention to any special sales your local store may be running. Many craft stores offer a coupon for 40%-50% one item to help significantly bring down your costs. Once you have your shadow box ready, add in your Sports Roses to create a lasting memory that you can display anywhere in your home. You may need to cut the stem of your Sports Roses to fit inside the shadow box.
  3. Add additional mementos that complete the story of your Sport Rose. You can make Sports Roses the centerpiece of your shadow box display, but it doesn’t have to be the only content. Gather pictures of the event, tickets to the game, news article cutouts, hand written messages after the game, and other relevant items that will tell the whole story behind your Sports Roses. This way you are building a complete and lasting memory of a special event in your life.

  4. Decorate the outside of the box to make it more iconic. Paint the outside of the shadow box in a way that reminds you of the court or field. Tack on stickers around the shadowbox to make it look more festive. You are only limited by your imagination in how you can present your memory using a shadowbox with the Sports Rose inside.

  5. Create a place for the shadow box. Even before you finish making your shadow box, you should have an idea of where it will go to. Most people hang them on a wall, but you can also put it inside your trophy case. The most important thing is to not leave it tucked away where it doesn’t see the light of day. Display it so you can proudly show off your accomplishments.

When you make a shadow box and use it to display your Sports Roses, you are honoring a happy memory by giving it a prominent spot in your home. You can be sure it will be a more lasting memory, one that will be a source of pride and joy for many years to come.

I’ve made several shadow box displays to preserve special autographed Baseball Roses by Trevor Hoffman and Tony Gwynn (see the example displayed above). They hang prominently in my office and are a great way to show my support and pride for my favorite players.

How will you design your next Sports Rose shadow box?

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Make your Athlete’s Senior Portraits Stand Out with Sports Roses

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high school senior football player portrait
For most high school athletes, senior portraits are a right of passage. They are one of the ultimate keepsakes for mom and dad. But unfortunately, sometimes those photos come off looking canned and uninspired.

In our past blog article, Senior Portrait Ideas for Softball Players, we learned that the best way to preserve your memories is to make sure your senior portraits represent a your student athlete’s unique personality and current interests.

Sports Roses provide a fun new way to personalize an athlete, cheerleader or sport fan’s senior photos while still preserving the traditional nature of the photos. Sports Roses add a dash of creativity and class that isn’t possible with just a letter jacket or pompoms.

Here are 3 senior photo success tips for athletes, cheerleaders, and sports fans using Sports Roses as the cornerstone for creative inspiration:

  1. Have athletes wear boutonnieres or corsages thata baseball player wears a baseball rose boutonniere with his suit and baseball hat match the sports they play in their formal photo. During a senior portrait session, at least one photo will have a formal look with a nice suit or dress. You can incorporate their love for the game by having them add a Sports Rose boutonniere or corsage to their lapel or dress. We have many types of Sports Roses available including Football Roses, Basketball Roses, Baseball Roses, Softball Roses and Volleyball Roses. This is a great way to honor an athlete’s time and effort towards their school sports program. Their senior photo will not only be personalized and creative, but it will be a testament about their career as a student athlete.
  2. Allow cheerleaders to hold Sports Roses bouquets in their senior photos. Cheerleaders play an important role in the school sports program by boosting school spirit in the student body and by cheering on their teams. Sports Roses offer a unique way to blend sports and flowers that symbolize the school pride cheerleaders represented throughout their cheering career. Give cheerleaders Sports Rose bouquets to hold as a prop during their senior photo session to recognize their hard work and achievements. The best part is, these bouquets will last as long as the pictures.

  3. football fans ready to cheer on their favorite teamHave your most ardent sports fans pose with a Sports Rose in their senior photo. Sports are something most fans are fiercely proud of. You don’t have to be an athlete to be a sports fanatic. Some fans just enjoy the excitement of watching sports as a spectator. These fans proudly display their team spirit at games to give their team an emotional boost from the stands. They show this pride in just about every aspect of their life from the clothes they wear to the way they decorate their homes. Sports Roses are the perfect way to express this passion for sports. Fans looking for a unique and classy finishing touch to their senior photos should consider holding a single Sports Rose stem or wearing a Sports Roses boutonniere to show off their pride. It will not only make their senior photos unique and memorable but will leave a lasting memory of their connection to the school’s sports programs.

There are so many important things to worry about during a student’s senior year; don’t let the small details overwhelm you.  Make your son or daughter’s senior portraits both memorable and classy with Sports Roses.

Pinterest Logo
Check out our Pinterest Boards for other senior portrait ideas for athletes.
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How have you made your student athlete’s senior portraits shine? What were the most valuable tips you’ve gathered?

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The Best Snacks for Softball Tournament Day!

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Softball tournament day is a big one for you and your kids. It usually means waking up early and enjoying the sun all day long. Make sure your softball tournament day is perfect by bringing the best snacks for you and your family.

“Fresh fruit is fast food!” Apples, grapes, and tangerinesare all easy to pack and are usually crowd-pleasers for all ages. With a little planning ahead,seasonal favorites like watermelon, cantaloupe and peaches can work great too, and are very affordable.

Remember good protein sources for your athletes; they need energy that will stay with them for the long haul. Great portable options are: trail mix, beef jerky, cheese sticks, lunch meat, or peanut butter for dipping fruit slices in.

The real trick is keeping all the snacks cool all day. Our favorite ways to keep our best snacks in their best shape on softball tournament day:

What are your best snacks for softball tournament day?

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Softball Tournament Survival Tips

July 5, 2013 Leave a reply



Let’s face it: organizing a softball tournament is never easy.

Between the fundraising concerns, venue and logistical considerations, choosing the right awards for the players and gifts for tournament volunteers, organizing a softball tournament can certainly leave you feeling like you’re out of ideas and resources.

Here at Sports Roses, we have some great ideas to make your tournament a home run:

  1. You can use Sports Roses and other unique items for fundraisers. Finding the necessary funding for your tournament can be a daunting task. Thankfully, running a fundraiser is an easy way to help raise the money your league will need. Many teams have had success selling novel sports-relate items, like Sports Roses. They make a great gift for any occasion and can sell very quickly in your local community.  When you purchase Sports Roses in bulk and resell them at your events, you can earn as much as $9 per rose. You can also pass out flyers to refer people to purchase from the Sports Roses Online Store and earn 10-20% on sales you refere. By using one or both of these options, you have another helpful source available to raise the funds necessary to finance your softball tournament. Sports Roses are just one kind of novel and attractive items that appeal to all sports fans. Some other options might include: personalized softball cards, team water bottles, or autographed balls. You could even do a softball themed photo booth to raise money.

  2. Sports Roses are great awards and thank you gifts. Let’s face it, if you’ve organized a few softball tournaments in the past, then your gift ideas for volunteers and players may already be outdated and uninspired. Now, you can’t expect your event to be a home run, if your gifts and awards are not special and memorable. Sports Roses are one way to bring some freshness and uniqueness to your awards. Give Sports Rose arrangements to sponsors, volunteers, and to each player and coach of the winning team. Sports Roses symbolize their passion for the game and bloom forever. There are so many different ways you can use Sports Roses to make your tournament one that everyone will remember!

  3. Increase your event attendance by hosting a prize raffle. Are you short on attendance and want to attract more people? Prize raffles are a fun and exciting way to capture the interest of your community. But you’ll need to offer some cool prizes that people actually want to draw your community to your event. A great way to minimize your prize expenses is to solicit local businesses to donate giveaways. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their visibility and product donations are usually an effective way for them to do that. For a desirable, high-ticket grand prize, you can ask parents to help pitch in for a larger donation. If you have purchased Sports Roses in bulk to resell at your event, set a few aside to make a Sports Roses bouquet as one of your raffle prizes. Give everyone that attends a free entry into the raffle and then charge $1 per raffle ticket for additional entries.  Advertise your prizes in your event program and have everyone distribute it throughout your community.

With a little of creativity (and some Sports Roses!) your next softball tournament can be a huge success. Inject some fresh ideas, attract a larger crowd and enjoy the games. After all, softball season doesn’t last forever!

What have you done to make your softball tournaments a success? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Sports Roses Reviews and Testimonials – June 2013

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Customers share reviews and testimonials on their recent Sports Roses purchase

See what our customers are saying about their recent Sports Roses purchase

Roses that don’t need water.

Purchased this for my girlfriend who is a BIG Angels fan. I HATE flowers because they’re so expensive and they die. She loves flowers and baseball so it was a perfect match for us. Her friends and family, who are big baseball fans, never saw anything like this before. Baseball roses were a homerun. Pun intended.

Richard B. from Anaheim, CA reviewing Baseball Roses - June 27, 2013

Unique gift idea.

Bought this for my husband for father’s day. He loved it. It’s such a good idea and unique. Thank you sports roses.

Jessica A. from Greenville, SC reviewing Football Roses - June 27, 2013

Baseball Rose

Awesome speedy shipping! Love that the stem actually looks real! Was expecting it to be a little bigger but still love it!

Jessica B from APO, Armed Forces Europe/Middle East/Canada
reviewing Baseball Roses - June 25, 2013


Best Father’s Day Present Ever!!! We were in a Tournament the day and gave it to him in front of all the other Baseball Dads…..and boy were they All Jealous!!!

All the other kids Mom’s were asking Me for the ordering information, so they could get them next time!!! BIG HIT!!!

Thanks for Making Father’s Day Special for My Baseball Guys!!!

Kimberly Mills 🙂

Kimberly M. from Robinson, TX reviewing Baseball Roses - June 21, 2013

Prom date loved it!

It was perfect and my daughter’s date loved it.

Customer from Lake Forest, CA reviewing Baseball Roses - June 10, 2013


The flower is exactly what I expected. I can’t wait to give it to my baseball loving boyfriend! Awesome!

Holly from PA reviewing Baseball Roses - June 10, 2013


My daughter loved them and everybody else too.

Nora G. from Edinburg, TX reviewing Softball Roses - June 3, 2013

How to Make a Patriotic Centerpiece with Baseball Roses

June 29, 2013 Leave a reply

how to make a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece with baseball roses

Show off your American pride and love for America’s favorite pastime with a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece

4th of July is the time of year we think of summer barbeques with family and friends as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. With less than a week away until Independence Day, many Americans are visiting stores to gather all their food and patriotic party supplies.

One key component for a party table display is a centerpiece arrangement themed for the occasion. Red, white, and blue are essential elements for a US holiday arrangement, but let’s not forget to include another mainstay of the American Summer…baseball.

terrance mann field of dreams movieThe one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray.
Terrance Man, Field of Dreams Movie Quote

For our baseball-themed patriotic display, we included everlasting Baseball Roses. Let’s show you how we put together our patriotic centerpiece with Baseball Roses.

We visited our local Michael’s craft store to pick up the supplies needed for this project. Look around for discount coupons and sales. There are usually a lot of sales a few days before 4th of July to award last-minute shoppers.
baseball rose patriotic centerpiece supplies

  • Small Patriotic Tin – $2
  • 3 Baseball Roses – $18 ea. ($14.95 each when you buy 2 or more)
  • Red, White, Blue Silk Flower Bunch – $4 ea.
  • 4″x6″ Cotton US Flags – $1.50 ea
  • Miniature Patriotic Pinwheel Picks – $2
  • Green floral foam block – $2
  • Dried Spanish Moss – $3 (small bag)


    • Step 1: Trim off excess material from the green foam block so that it will fit inside the patriotic tin. Don’t trim too much – you want a snug fit. The foam will compress when you push it into the tin.
    • Step 2: Insert red, white, and blue, silk flowers bunches into the foam. To distribute evenly, you can pull apart the individual stems before inserting. This also helps thin out the bunches to avoid overcrowding your arrangement.

baseball rose patriotic centerpiece step by step instructions

  • Step 3: Cut Baseball Rose stems so they will sit just above the silk flowers when inserted in the foam. Insert the Baseball Roses into the arrangement. When looking at the arrangement from above, there should be a triangle shape create between each Baseball Rose.
  • Step 4: Insert US flags on each side of arrangement.
  • Step 5: Insert patriotic pinwheels on each side of arrangement (between the US flags)
  • Step 6: Add spanish moss around the top edge of the patriotic tin to hide the green foam underneath

how to make a patriotic baseball-themed centerpiece with baseball roses

Your patriotic Baseball Rose centerpiece will bloom year round and can also be used for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Labor Day. Add in other accessories to theme your arrangement for your favorite team or sport. You can also create a similar arrangement with Softball Roses, Football Roses, or Basketball Roses available from Sports Roses.

What other ideas are you planning to do for your 4th of July party? Share them in the comments below

Great 4th of July Barbecue Decorations

June 26, 2013 Leave a reply

Nothing says summer like a 4th of July Barbecue. Burgers and brats, beers and sodas, friends and family… it’s just a great day all around! You’ve probably gotten the food taken care of and you’ve got guests coming, but you may or may not have thought about decorations. Take your 4th of July barbecue to the next level with these great decorating ideas:

1)    Edible centerpieces. Get a little extra healthy food in the mix by making edible centerpieces. Go simple with an arrangement of red, white and blue fruits on kabobs arranged in quart jars. Or a pile of these red, white and blue strawberries.

2)    Flowers, sparklers, and flags. Those three simple items can go a long way to create centerpieces, wreaths and more. Gather as many red, white and blue supplies as you can, and let the creativity flow!

3)    Bunting. Nothing says American like American flag bunting. Make your own with this great tye-dye craft idea.

When it comes to great 4th of July barbecue decorations you need to remember to keep it simple and fun. The holiday is all about family and friends, so keep them comfortable and your barbecue will be a success!

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Summer Fun: Host a Home Run Derby!

June 21, 2013 Leave a reply

organize a community home run derby

Summer is the time of year that everyone looks forward to getting outside and enjoying fun at playgrounds, pools, and ball fields. Community activities are an important way to bring families together and strengthen relationships. Sports leagues, community centers, schools and churches all have a role in organizing activities that cater to all ages. But even the most active areas can run out of ideas for things to do to keep the community entertained. Are your community events seeing a drop in participation?

Why not try something different and organize a local home run derby in your community? After all, nothing says summer like the crack of a ball hitting a bat.

Ever since the first National League home run was hit by Ross Barnes of the Chicago White Stockings on May 2, 1876, Americans have held a deep fascination for the long ball. Home run derbies have become one of the most desirable contests to see during the annual MLB All-Star weekend. Organizing a community home run derby gives everyone a chance to participate on a local level to see who is the best home run hitter in town. Your community can also use the event as a way to raise money for various organizations in need.

In this article, we’ll look at helpful tips on how to organize your community home run derby.

  1. Find a venue. If your organization is a baseball or softball league, this task may be a no brainer, just use your own ball park. But if your ball field is not large enough to accommodate a larger crowd or you don’t have direct access to a field, consider working with one of your local baseball leagues or schools to utilize their fields for the home run derby.
  2. Determine game rules. There are many variations on home run derby game formats. A popular version is to give each player 10 outs (hits without a home run) and see how many home runs they hit. Then eliminate players after each round of play until 1 champion remains. More details home run derby game rules can be found here.
  3. Determine participating age groups for your derby. To make your home run derby as fair and competitive as possible, you’ll need to define and decide what age groups will participate. Adding more age groups will extend your event and bring in more participants and spectators. You can choose from youth, teens, adults, and seniors. You will also want to define different home run distance rules for each age group.
  4. Check local laws and ordinances. When organizing a large event that attracts a large number of people, make sure to check with your local city government to see if any event permits are required. They should also be able to inform you of any other requirements for your event.
  5. Invite local vendors and sponsors. When you attract a crowd to an event, you can take advantage of the extra foot traffic by selling vendor and advertising spots to local businesses. This income can help you cover many of your event costs. You can charge a flat sponsorship fee or a percentage based vendor fee (or a combination of both). Be careful not to overcharge, especially if this is your first event of this type. There are a lot of expenses for a business to set up shop at an event, so you don’t want to cut too deep into their profits. Make sure to check with your local city ordinances for any rules on selling at your event. A business license is usually required in most areas and your event could be held liable if the vendors are not in compliance. Keeping percentage based costs at 10% will help your vendors keep their prices affordable. A flat sponsorship fee can be used to help offset the costs of producing event flyers (as long as you leave space to advertise your vendors and sponsors). When inviting vendors, make sure to include a few different types of food vendors and don’t invite more than one vendor selling the same items. Clearly define the terms of selling at your event and require vendors/sponsors to sign an agreement.
  6. Obtain event awards and prizes. Having lots of fun and desirable prizes on hand to give out is the most effective way to attract a large crowd to your event. You can minimize your expenses obtaining prizes by soliciting local businesses to donate giveaways. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their awareness and product donations are usually the most cost effective way to do that. For desirable, high-ticket grand prizes, you can ask parents to help pitch in to purchase larger prizes. Give everyone that attends your home run derby by a specific time a free entry into the raffle and then charge $1 per raffle ticket for additional entries. This will entice people to come to at least get their free entry and they will likely patronage the vendors on site while they are at the event. Wait to announce the prize until later in the day and require winners to be present to win to help keep people at your event throughout the day. The money you raise can go towards your organization’s fundraising drive.
  7. Run a Fundraising Drive. Don’t forget to include your organization’s needs into the event agenda. Aside from bringing your community together, your home run derby should help raise funds for a worth cause. Set a fundraising goal that you would like to achieve. The money you raised from the prize raffle will help contribute to that goal, but there are other ways to raise money. Offer a unique product for sale that is not available from your other vendors, like Sports Roses. Sports Roses are handcrafted artificial roses featuring petals made from the same material used on baseballs, footballs, softball and basketballs. You can earn up to $9 for each rose you sell through the Sports Roses Fundraising Program.
  8. Create and distribute flyers to promote event. Your home run derby will not be successful if no one knows about it. Create an event flyer that invites participants and spectators. Advertise your prizes and list your vendors and event sponsors. Don’t forget to include important time deadlines, like when the event starts and when the prize drawings will take place. Make sure to keep your flyer confined to 1 page to save on printing costs (you can also use the back side of the flyer as a participant sign up form). Color flyers will also add to your printing costs, but can also be more effective at grabbing the attention of people. Then make sure everyone in your organization passes out the flyers to their churches, work places, neighbors, and public bulletin boards. You can also try to get your event announced on your local radio and news station, it never hurts to ask.
  9. Don’t go it alone. Partner Up! It takes a lot of planning and work to run a large event. Combine forces with other organizations to increase your exposure and work force. Pick a complementary organization that can fill holes in services that you need to operate your event. For instance a baseball league may want to partner with a church. The baseball league will have the ball field and the church will have the audience. Two groups working together will have a much better chance for success and each group may have past event experiences that the other group may not. Event earnings can be split between the participating organizations.

Recently, we shared some other ideas on how you can make a home run derby fun for kids, parents, and spectators. These ideas included selecting an announcer, setting up other carnival games, offering affordable consessions, and giving away prizes. You can read more about these ideas here.

Don’t let the summer go buy without putting on a successful fundraising event that brings your community together in a fun environment. Fundraising doesn’t have to be limited to the Spring or Fall. Even though school is out, you can still make the most out of the summer off season by organizing a community home run derby. Make this summer one that your city or town is sure to remember.

Have you gained valuable insight into how to organize a home run derby in your community this summer? Which of these tips did you find the most helpful?

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How to Make Your Home Run Derby Fun for Kids, Parents, and Spectators

June 19, 2013 1 Comment

Baseball player swingingHome run derbies are a staple of summer for sports loving families. After all, nothing says summer like the crack of a ball hitting a bat. But how can you make your home run derby fun for kids, parents, and spectators? We’ve got some great ideas:

1)    Get a great emcee or announcer. Not all derbies have an announcer, but it’s worth it if you can find one. Find someone who is ready to tell some jokes and have a good time, and you’ll find everyone else having a great time too!

2)    Offer other carnival games for the kids and teenagers.  Since many home run derbies are fundraisers, consider offering carnival games in the parking lot for a low fee. These are a great option for families with young kids who can’t sit still through a whole derby.

3)    Affordable concessions. Regardless of whether or not your home run derby is a fundraiser, you need to keep your concessions affordable. Offer a variety of snacks and beverages at a an affordable price, and you’ll keep people at your event happy.

4)    Variety of ages and participants. Let a variety of ages participate. Consider having a t-ball and coach pitch option. Or a short mini-derby for spouses of heavy hitters. Let the mascots get involved.

5)    Raffle prizes. Everyone like to win something, so why not offer raffle prizes for the spectators? Consider announcing winners at intervals throughout your event to keep people interested.

What home run derby tips do you have?

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The 3 Most Memorable Father-Son Combinations in Sports

June 14, 2013 2 Comments

Photo Credit: Bill Frakes, Getty Images

This Father’s Day weekend we celebrate the man of the family that took us to ballgames, taught us to shave, and inspired us to work hard. Nothing is more rewarding in a child’s life than to feel their father’s pride.

In sports, most great athletes have an awesome dad who helped them grow and learn. In some cases, their father was also a great athlete. See who we think are the most memorable father-son combos in football, baseball and basketball.

1)    The Manning Family Quarterbacks: Father Archie Manning played quarterback for the New Orlean Saints during the 70’s, enduring some of Saint’s worst seasons despite being a 2-time Pro Bowler. His two most successful sons are Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Both sons have out-performed their dad in their professional accomplishments. Eli, the youngest of the two, has won 2 Super Bowls (XLII & XLVI) with the Giants and has been a 3-time Pro Bowler. Eli’s older brother Peyton, had a stellar career playing with the Indianapolis Colts before becoming a Bronco. Although Peyton only has one Super Bowl ring (XLI), he is a 12-time Pro Bowler and a 4-time AP NFL MVP. Peyton’s personal NFL achievements outshine his younger brother Eli, but Eli still has many years left in his tank. Both Peyton and Eli are also fathers themselves. Peyton has twins (a boy and a girl) and maybe one day Marshall Manning will follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

2)    Ken Griffey Jr and Ken Griffey Sr: Few baseball fans will forget the excitement around the Seattle Mariners’ #1 pick in the 1987 draft. Ken Griffey Jr would make his first appearance in the big leagues in 1989. His father Ken Griffey Sr had made a name for himself in the big leagues – a 3-time All-Star for the Cincinatti Reds during the “Big Red Machine” era winning two World Series Championships. The Griffey’s would get a chance to play together on the same team when Ken Griffey Sr was signed by the Mariners at the end of the 1990 season. Their first game played together was on August 31, 1990 against the Kansas City Royals where they hit back-to-back singles. Then on September 14, 1990 against the California Angels, they hit back-to-back homers – first by Griffey Sr followed by Griffey Jr. They are the only father-son duo to achieve this feat in the MLB. Ken Griffey Jr’s career would finish his marvelous career with 630 home runs (6th all-time) and countless other achievements, except he never was able to capture a World Series ring like his father did.

3)    Dell and Stephen Curry: After 4 seasons in the NBA, Golden State Warriors Steph Curry has become an impact player and leader on his team. Although injuries plagued him during his 3rd year in the NBA, he came back during the 2012-13 season stronger than ever. During a game against the Knicks on February 27,2013 he scored 54 points on a franchise-record 11 three-pointers. Steph Curry finished the 2012-13 season by breaking the all-time single-season NBA record for most three pointers. He made 272 three pointers, passing Ray Allen’s 269 record set in 2005-06 season. Steph’s dad, Dell Curry was also known for his long range shooting abilities when he played for the Charlotte Hornets during the 80’s and 90’s. During the 1998-99 season, Dell led the NBA with the highest three-point field goal percentage (47.59%) and was the NBA Sixth Man of the year in 1994. Dell’s son Seth looks to have a very promising career ahead of him that will likely outshine his father’s career. See other top father-son combos in the NBA

What other famous father-son combos in sports to you remember? Share them in the comments below.

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