How to win the heart of a Dodger’s fan

April 5, 2013 Leave a reply
How to win the heart of a Dodger’s fan
How to win the heart of a Dodger’s fan

I have been dating this girl for a few months and discovered she was a huge L.A Dodgers fan. I, on the other hand, am a Angels fan. I bought some tickets when they came to town for the March 28th game at Angel stadium. I wanted it to feel extra special, so I went on the internet and discovered your awesome website, . I purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers Mini Pennant and six Baseball Roses from your website.

Went out and got the L.A. Dodgers balloon and Dodgers ribbon from the party store. I have a great relationship with my local florist and she helped me out in arranging a L.A Dodgers theme flower arrangement. The flowers arrived at her office with a baseball ticket. Everyone in her office were like “OMG” and “That is a great idea”, and of course “Beautiful”.

She calls me right away and states that she has the biggest smile on her face. And all her female co-workers were jealous. It couldn’t have been better timing because she was having a bad week and this really made her day.

This is just one of the pictures, i still have one more to send. I recently purchased six Football Roses and an Oakland Raider pennant, ( Not a fan of them). “Go Chargers!!!. Thinking of doing a flower arrangement for her Birthday and going to the game when both our teams are in S.D. Well thats my story, many thanks to Billy Baseball and your Sport Roses staff .

-Jesse Hernandez-
Huntington Beach