Sports Roses Photo Submission Terms and Conditions

Sports Roses Fan Photos Submission Terms and Conditions

  •  By submitting a photograph, you agree to allow L.O.V.E.nterprises (maker of Sports Roses) to use it in any manner, including but not limited to using the photo on (or affiliated websites),on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), in online advertising, and for other promotional purposes, in perpetuity, or until notified in writing that you would like us to stop. L.O.V.E.nterprises also reserves the right to edit, alter, or recharacterize the photograph as it sees fit.
  •  You acknowledge that your photograph is an original work, that you have the right to submit it, and that it does not violate any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property laws.
  •  You acknowledge that all subjects in the photograph have given their consent for you to submit your photograph for use by L.O.V.E.nterprises
  • L.O.V.E.nterprises reserves to right to decline to use your photograph for whatever reason.
  • Submission of a photograph does not imply a change in ownership- it’s still your picture. You may continue to use the photograph for your own personal use, and to request that we cease to use it for any or all purposes.
  • You acknowledge that you will not be receiving any compensation from L.O.V.E.nterprises to use your photo as described above.