Caleb and Macy Hit a Home Run at their Prom with Baseball Roses

July 29, 2014 Leave a reply

baseball rose boutonniere and corsage for senior prom macy and caleb baseball themed prom with baseball roses

Caleb plays baseball and wore a Baseball Rose Boutonniere to express his passion for the game during his senior prom with his date Macy. They hit a home run with their baseball-themed formal wear.

caleb baseball rose boutonniere for prom

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Celebrating America with Sports Roses

June 14, 2013 Leave a reply

4th of july baseball rose patriotic centerpiece

Are you looking for creative ways to show your patriotism while also supporting your favorite sports teams?

In this post, I’ll introduce you to Sports Roses and how these flowers can be the perfect mementos to help you show your patriotic side, while still fiercely displaying your passion for sports.

Of course, you are already aware of baseball being affectionately dubbed as the great American pastime. Football closely fits the bill too, and basketball isn’t far behind as a sport that speaks to the heart of every passionate American. Our soldiers overseas spend their downtime watching live games on the Armed Forces Network, because it is the one thing that ties them to their country, even when stationed in a foreign location.

Sports Roses are handcrafted artificial roses made from genuine leather, the same material that’s used to make baseballs, softballs, footballs, and basketballs.

So how can you use Sports Roses as a way to display your patriotism, while still staying true to your sporting interests? Here are some simple ways.

  1. You can show your patriotism in the simplest of ways by buying Sports Roses and displaying them in your home, car or office. Your support for your sports teams goes beyond being just another passing personal interest. In truth, your support of your teams allows professional sports in America to thrive. It allows sports to continue entertaining the troops abroad and the millions of others here in America that watch the games on their televisions every night. Sports Roses are simple, yet powerful symbols of your continuing support for American professional sports.
  2.  Buy a bouquet of Sports Roses for a returning soldier in your community who is an athlete. Sports Roses are memorable and personalized expressions of an athletes passion for sports, and make the perfect gift for a soldier-athlete who has served our country. They will know how are truly grateful and appreciative you are of their efforts when you give them Sports Roses – a truly unique and eye-catching symbol of their love for sports.
  3.  Sports Roses can help bond communities together. America is all about the local communities that live out the American ideals of freedom and independence. You can bond your community tighter by giving out Sports Roses to some of your closest friends that love sports. The display will last a lifetime, and will be a lasting reminder of the relationship that binds you as a community and the common interests you have in sports.

You can display the virtue of patriotism even in the simplest of ways. By continuing to show support for your favorite sports, you are making sure that the great American pastime lives on. Are you ready to buy your first order of Sports Roses today?

To commemorate the upcoming 4th of July holiday, we have created a limited-edition Star Spangled Baseball Rose featuring a custom printed Old Glory design on the petals. We have added all 50 stars on the petals around the baseball rose and the red laces from the baseball are symbolic of the American flag’s red and white stripes. It’s a one-of-a-kind creation that is sure to sell out fast!

star spangled baseball rose with custom american flag design


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In Memory of Stan Musial – A Tribute to “The Man”

January 20, 2013 1 Comment

in memory of Stan Musial memorial from the Baseball Rose RIP

On January 19, 2013, the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, Stan “The Man” Musial, passed away at age 92.

Stan Musial, widely regarded as one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, played his entire 22 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. During his career, he was a 24-time All-Star, 3-time NL MVP, 7-time NL Batting Champion, and 3-time World Series Champion. In Major League Baseball history, Musial’s 3,630 hits ranks 4th all-time, 1,949 runs ranks 9th all-time, and 1,951 RBIs ranks 6th all-time.

In 1945, Musial would leave baseball for a season to serve in the United States Navy during WWII. Gary Suess of Bleacher Report ranked Musial #5 in the top 15 of Hall of Fame players that served in the U.S. Armed Forces. He would join other baseball greats that served their country in the military – Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Ty Cobb.

Stan Musial was a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, elected in 1969 with 93.2% of votes

On February 15, 2011, President Barack Obama honored Stan Musial with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor for a civilian. The President described Musial as “an icon untarnished, a beloved pillar of the community, a gentleman you’d want your kids to emulate.”

Stan the Man is a baseball legend that will truly be missed, but his spirit will continue to live on in the history of baseball.

a tribute the memory of stan musial from the Baseball Rose

“He didn’t hit a homer in his last at-bat; he hit a single. He didn’t hit in 56 straight games. He married his high school sweetheart and stayed married to her, never married a Marilyn Monroe. He didn’t play with the sheer joy and style that goes alongside Willie Mays’ name. None of those easy things are there to associate with Stan Musial. All Musial represents is more than two decades of sustained excellence and complete decency as a human being.” – Sportscaster Bob Costas in ESPN SportsCentury (ESPN)

Stan Musial loved to play the harmonica, let’s here him one more time. Share your Stan the Man memories in the comments below.