Plan Ahead for Homecoming Fundraisers with Sports Roses

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Homecoming 2013 Football Rose

Raise money for your school, league, or non-profit organization by selling Sports Roses during homecoming events.

We can help your organization raise essential funds by offering special discounted pricing on bulk orders

football rose boutonniere and corsage for prom and homecoming
School is back in session. It’s time to start looking for ways to generate essential funds for your school, league, or non-profit organization.

During the Fall, the Football Rose™ becomes our top-selling Sports Rose.

The everlasting petals of the Football Rose symbolize the passion that players, coaches, and fans have for a sport that is huge part of their lives.

Parents and faculty purchase Football Roses as gifts, event decor, or accessories to honor that passion for football during the following occasions:

– Homecoming Dance
– Banquets
– Texas Homecoming Mums
– Football Senior Night
– Awards Ceremonies
– Parent’s Night
– Other Football-Themed Events

Homecoming 2013 Football Rose Boutonniere
Homecoming is typically celebrated by schools between late September and early November. It may feel like it’s too early to be thinking about homecoming events, but they will be here before you know it.

Football Roses can be used as boutonnieres and corsages for the homecoming dance. They also make great gifts for returning football alumni and for the homecoming king and queen. In Texas, Football Roses can be used as accessories for homecoming mums.

When the football season draws to an end in late October/early November, Football Roses can be given as special keepsakes for the players and parents on Senior Night. Why spend money on a live rose gift that will die in a few days? Football Roses last forever and preserve the memories created from countless hours of hard work on the field.

Sports Themed Homecoming Mums and Garters Ideas with Sport Roses featuring Baseball Roses, Football Roses, and Softball Roses
There are many different opportunities for your organization to raise money by selling Sports Roses during this time of year. In addition to Football Roses, we can also create Baseball Roses, Softball Roses, and Basketball Roses.

To start your fundraising efforts, you’ll need place an order for Sports Roses. We offer special discounted pricing on bulk orders for schools, sports leagues, and non-profit organizations that will save you up to 50% off Sports Roses. Your organization can earn $6-$10 on each rose sold.
Sports Roses Are Made In The USA in San Diego, CA

Since all Sports Roses are handmade in our San Diego, CA workshop, a production time of 2-4 weeks is required on bulk orders. This means you’ll need to get your bulk order placed ASAP to have your next shipment arrive before the end of September.
Fundraise with Sports Roses

How do I place a discounted bulk order for Sports Roses?

Are you part of a school, sports league, or non-profit organization? Download our Free Fundraising Guide to learn more about fundraising with Sports Roses. You’ll receive helpful information to kick off your Sports Roses fundraiser.

how to create a successful fundraiser with Sports Roses

Softball Tournament Survival Tips

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Let’s face it: organizing a softball tournament is never easy.

Between the fundraising concerns, venue and logistical considerations, choosing the right awards for the players and gifts for tournament volunteers, organizing a softball tournament can certainly leave you feeling like you’re out of ideas and resources.

Here at Sports Roses, we have some great ideas to make your tournament a home run:

  1. You can use Sports Roses and other unique items for fundraisers. Finding the necessary funding for your tournament can be a daunting task. Thankfully, running a fundraiser is an easy way to help raise the money your league will need. Many teams have had success selling novel sports-relate items, like Sports Roses. They make a great gift for any occasion and can sell very quickly in your local community.  When you purchase Sports Roses in bulk and resell them at your events, you can earn as much as $9 per rose. You can also pass out flyers to refer people to purchase from the Sports Roses Online Store and earn 10-20% on sales you refere. By using one or both of these options, you have another helpful source available to raise the funds necessary to finance your softball tournament. Sports Roses are just one kind of novel and attractive items that appeal to all sports fans. Some other options might include: personalized softball cards, team water bottles, or autographed balls. You could even do a softball themed photo booth to raise money.

  2. Sports Roses are great awards and thank you gifts. Let’s face it, if you’ve organized a few softball tournaments in the past, then your gift ideas for volunteers and players may already be outdated and uninspired. Now, you can’t expect your event to be a home run, if your gifts and awards are not special and memorable. Sports Roses are one way to bring some freshness and uniqueness to your awards. Give Sports Rose arrangements to sponsors, volunteers, and to each player and coach of the winning team. Sports Roses symbolize their passion for the game and bloom forever. There are so many different ways you can use Sports Roses to make your tournament one that everyone will remember!

  3. Increase your event attendance by hosting a prize raffle. Are you short on attendance and want to attract more people? Prize raffles are a fun and exciting way to capture the interest of your community. But you’ll need to offer some cool prizes that people actually want to draw your community to your event. A great way to minimize your prize expenses is to solicit local businesses to donate giveaways. Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their visibility and product donations are usually an effective way for them to do that. For a desirable, high-ticket grand prize, you can ask parents to help pitch in for a larger donation. If you have purchased Sports Roses in bulk to resell at your event, set a few aside to make a Sports Roses bouquet as one of your raffle prizes. Give everyone that attends a free entry into the raffle and then charge $1 per raffle ticket for additional entries.  Advertise your prizes in your event program and have everyone distribute it throughout your community.

With a little of creativity (and some Sports Roses!) your next softball tournament can be a huge success. Inject some fresh ideas, attract a larger crowd and enjoy the games. After all, softball season doesn’t last forever!

What have you done to make your softball tournaments a success? Share your ideas in the comments!

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